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Transcription Below

I was thinking, you know, all your life you’re playing football – what we call soccer, in America – and that’s a team sport, and so much effort is always put into the team and you huddle around in a team, and the coach is always coaching a team. Of course, you’ve experienced tremendous individual success on the football pitch, and the question is: When you sit at the poker table, it’s obviously an individual pursuit, so how do you make the adjustment from all your life playing a team game, and all of a sudden having to sit and focus individually on yourself and your own performance?

Well, I grew up living in a team, with other players, and that was my life. I still live in a team now. I have my team who travel with me, and I’m not alone at the table – with my fans and my staff I don’t feel alone at the table, at all.

Alright, okay. Well, another place where you certainly wouldn’t feel alone is at home. The question is: Do you ever invite some friends over and have a fun game and play for pennies or something like that?

For sure.

With your PokerStars chips, I’m sure.

Yeah, for sure, and the table as well.

Yeah? Wow that’s cool.

I still work a lot, and travel a lot, but when I’m at my home town I like to play with my friends. I live in São Paulo but I come from Rio de Janeiro and I have a table in Rio, and a table in São Paulo.

Oh yeah, everywhere you go!

I love to play with friends too, but I prefer playing tournaments because with friends we play very symbolically, so when you bluff people just pay. It’s not the true game. I prefer to play here because people pay a lot of money and they are actually afraid to go home early. So, the bluff is more powerful.

That’s wonderful. You heard it here, at, with Ronaldo.

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