Share this on contributor Robbie Strazynski got a chance to sit down with Sharice the Poker Masseuse at the 2016 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas. Ever wanted to know what a poker masseuse does, how it’s different than a traditional massage, and just why everyone deserves a massage? Check out our interview below!

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Transcription Below

Hey everybody, Robbie Strazynski here for the coverage of the PCA 2016 in the Bahamas. We are here with Sharice.


Nice to meet you! How are you doing?

Thanks, me too.

Say hi to everybody at PokerUpdate.

Hi everybody!

Sharice, why don’t you tell our audience what it is you do? What are you doing here at the PCA? You’re playing the Super High Roller, right?

Yeah right! No, I’m a Poker Massage Therapist – I go around and I massage poker players.

So, any poker player? Or just the ones that pay a million dollars a minute?

No, everybody. Everybody deserves a massage, so it doesn’t matter, you could be playing $1/$2, $2/$5, $5/$10, $10/$25, $300/$600, whatever.

That’s interesting! Everybody has heard of masseuses in hotels and in spas. What exactly is a poker masseuse? How is that different?

So, in a spa you are massaging on a table. The body mechanics are different and it’s a lot easier. As a poker massage therapist, you are taking a poker chair and turning it around and administering the massage in a chair. The body mechanics are off and I think it’s much harder.

So, what you’re saying is that someone’s got to sit like this the entire time?


Then you’ve got like a pillow or something?

Let me show you. Oh, where’s my pillow?

Don’t worry about it.

So it’s like this.

Interesting. That feels pretty good. See, that’s how you get a free massage at the PCA.

You’re tall, so I have to stand on my tiptoes.

That’s very interesting. We’ll continue like this because you’re a poker masseuse. Are you allowed to get tips from the players?

Yeah. We pretty much get paid for the massage. At the PCA it’s $2 every minute. So they pay for their massage and we can accept tips too. Sometimes we get tips, sometimes we don’t.


Well that’s really sweet. So when you say “at the PCA” does that mean you’ve done this at other events as well?

Yes, I work for the ‘The Best Hands’ and I started doing poker massages at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

In Las Vegas?

No, in AC.

Oh, Borgata! Sorry about that. It is like 2:15am here. That’s an interesting time to be working. How are you working at 2:15am?

I have no idea.

Are these normal hours, or do you usually have day shifts?

Well, for tournaments I guess, yes. You can start working at noon and for this tournament you don’t end until 4am.

4 O’clock in the morning!

That’s when the island shuts down.

Oh, I see. So early!

I know that for the WSOP it’s 24 hours.


They can just come and go when they please.

Do you live in Las Vegas?

No, I live in New Jersey.

New Jersey!


Jerseeeey! Shout out to Shimi The Fish, who is from New Jersey. Clearly you must have done this at the high stakes tables or in really high buyin tournaments. You must know some of the players by face?

Yeah! Some of them by name.

Who would you say are your favorite top 2 or top 3 players to give a massage to?

Aww man! Well, my #1 is Greggy Merson.

Greg Merson – WSOP Main Event Champ!

Yeah, that’s my favorite.

Let’s throw out one more.

I don’t massage him as much as i used to, but Christian Harder. Damn, who was my other favorite? I’ve got to give you one more.

Okay! What makes someone good to be massaged? People with different body types? That sort of thing?

Well, for them, I say he’s my favorite because he’s my friend too.

Oh, that’s really cool!

Yeah, so I’ve kinda watched him since ‘08 when he came to Borgata.

Oh, that’s so cool! So you had a rooting interest?

Yeah! He’s my friend and he’s really nice. Christian is too. He’s a sweetheart.

So you really get to travel the poker circuit, and do all of this stuff.

Yeah, a little bit – just a little bit.

So, the company charters a plane and gets you over each time?

No, no, no! Let’s not go that far. We have to pay for our own tickets.

How about rooms? Do you get to stay here?

No, we don’t stay here. We stay 2-3 minutes away (walking distance). We have an apartment, and we have kitchens – so I can cook. I packed all my food in my suitcase and brought it with me.

Food in the suitcase!

Literally, I froze everything and put them in bags and then in my suitcase.

#MoneySavingTipsAtThePCA It’s an expensive place, for sure. Well, let’s say someone really wants to become a poker masseuse, how does one go ahead and do that? Let’s say someone from our audience says: “That’s really interesting to do. I can’t hack it as a poker player, but maybe I can travel the circuit as a masseuse.”

I believe the website is, or just Google ‘The Best Hands Massage,’ and you can apply that way.

Men and women, or just women?

I don’t think she discriminates.

All types of hands are acceptable here.

Also, if they want to apply somewhere else to do poker massage therapy, there are different casinos in Atlantic City, there are different casinos in Vegas, and I know the WSOP is huge and all the massage therapists go there because all the players go there. So, I would think to apply there.

Sounds good! Well, you heard it here at coverage of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2016.

Ask me something juicy!

Something juicy? One last question for Sharice! Alright, something juicy Sharice – who is your favorite Disney Princess? You asked for juicy!

That’s not juicy!

Or, Disney Prince?

No, no, I like Princess. I like Jasmine!

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin!

Yeah because I love her. She’s beautiful, I love that she rode the magic carpet, and I just love the story. It kind of relates to what I saw growing up. Aladdin wears a fez and my Dad has a fez because he goes to the temple. And he says: “Oh..Praise Allah,” and you see that growing up so that’s probably why she’s my favorite.

So, we’ve got Princess Sharice here doing a great job.

I’ll take Queen!

Queen Sharice. Sharice, thank you very much for your time. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you and learning all about the life of a poker masseuse.


Here at – be sure to stay tuned for some more great videos.

At almost 2:30 in the morning!

Almost 2:30 in the morning!

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