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The selection process of the 2016 class of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame is now underway. Nominations are presently being accepted at the WIPHOF website and fans can submit their nomination for the women they believe best exemplify the values of the hall.

The Women in Poker Hall of Fame inducts new members every two years. Inductees are selected among the ranks of women poker players and female industry leaders. The last induction ceremony was held in 2014.

Nominations Began Early This Year

I spoke with Lupe Soto, Board Chair for the WIPHOF, and she shared that the board met last Monday to discuss this year’s induction. When I spoke with her, she said that open nominations would commence on February 1st.

However, upon visiting the website, it appears that they decided to begin nominations a couple of weeks early. The process is quite simple. Head over to the WIPHOF Nominations Page and fill out your name, email and up to two women you’d like to see inducted into the WIPHOF. You must also include why you think they should be inducted, not just select random names.

In the event that there are more than two women you’d like to see considered, no problem. Just head back a second time and fill out a second form. This process is similar to the fan voting for the Pro Poker Hall of Fame but fans are forced to give a reason for their selection.

What are the Criteria for Nomination

There are five requirements that potential inductees must meet in order to receive induction into the WIPHOF. They are as follows:

♣ A candidate must have been active as a player or industry leader for a minimum of 10 years prior to election and 35 yrs of age or older.

♣ Player/industry leader must have contributed to the world of poker in some significant way. This person can qualify either by winning major poker tournaments, or by making significant contributions to the industry of poker.

♣ Player/industry leader must be a proponent of women in poker.

♣ All nominees must be approved by a committee of the Board of Directors and the Inductees.

♣ Nominees must agree to terms & conditions of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame.

You will notice a couple of distinct differences from the standard Hall of Fame criteria. First, women only have to be 35 in order to be considered. Next, the criterion doesn’t put a focus on “high stakes” play. Rather, inductees much have contributed to the world of poker in a meaningful way.

Finally, inductees must be a proponent of women in poker. One would think that this is a given considering that the nominees are women right? Not so fast. Some players have come out in the past against focusing on women players. They don’t believe in women’s only tournaments and think that everyone should play in the same events. This is not the message that the WIPHOF wants to send.

What Happens Next?

After the nomination process, the list of potential nominees will move to the WIPHOF Screening Committee. They will evaluate the list and narrow it down to a list of finalists. That list is then forwarded to a panel comprised of current members of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame, the Board of Directors and selected media members.

After the vote, the Class of 2016 will be announced. This year’s induction ceremony will be held on July 5th, 2016. A location has yet to be announced. Past locations have included Binions in downtown Las Vegas.

Below is a list of the current members of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame. The WIPHOF was formed in 2008 and held inductions annually until 2012. Now they hold inductions every two years.

2008 Inductees

  • Barbara Enright
  • Linda Johnson
  • Marsha Waggoner
  • Susie Isaacs

2009 Inductees

  • Cyndi Violette
  • Jan Fisher
  • June Field

2010 Inductees

2011 Inductees

  • Kristy Gazes
  • Margie Heintz
  • Phyllis Caro

2012 Inductees

  • JJ Liu
  • Kathy Raymond

2013 Inductees

  • Allyn Shulman
  • Deborah Giardina

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