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Macropoker recently took to its website to announce the Online Poker Tournament Awards 2016, an opportunity to recognize the best in online poker players for the year. In order to reach a larger audience, they also issued a press release. PokerUpdate had the chance to find out more about Macropoker and the OPTA-2016.

What Exactly is Macropoker?

In a nutshell, Macropoker is an online poker statistics database containing results from multi-table tournaments, sit-n-goes, single-table tournaments, and heads-up online poker. The site also contains a tournament calendar and an online calculator with ranges for a variety of poker games. Some of the information is available on the free-to-access website, while several subscription plans offer unlimited access to personal statistics and searches of the database.

Run by Russian native speakers for nearly five years, the site does display information in English as well as in Russian. According to Macropoker, awareness of its services has been growing of late. The percentage of English-speaking users has been steadily increasing from 20% to 45% over the past few years.

How Are Players Tracked?

logo_bgMacropoker has been collecting online poker statistics since June 2012, starting then with the major poker sites like PokerStars, PartyPoker, Full Tilt, and iPoker skins. As the site and its popularity grew, it tracked more sites in more detail, now handling 99.9% of tournament poker and all of the players in competition. The only missing data is cash games due to the forbiddance of collecting and mining the data by most poker rooms.

Very small online poker sites with 30 players or less are not tracked, nor are those with anonymous players. The Russian-based PokerDom is also excluded due to its opposition to the collection of its data. PokerStars, on the other, hand is supportive of Macropoker’s efforts, thus the “PokerStars Approved” classification on its home page. This is to show that Macropoker fulfills all PokerStars requirements for collecting and displaying statistics and rankings.

Introduction of OPTA-2016

While the site has been collecting data for several years, it was only last year that Macropoker launched a ratings section to list players in various poker disciplines. This was done through SCORE, a scoring of their results for the most recent year to determine profit. The formula used to calculate the best MTT players, for example, accounts for the complexity of the tournaments, ROI, average buy-ins, and various other factors.

With that data, the site developers and management decided to carry that information forward with recognition for those players in the form of the Online Poker Tournament Awards 2016. It will calculate all tournament results from the beginning of 2016 through December 15, allowing time to determine the winners for the December 17 awards.

Most of the awards are self-explanatory and finalized by site data, while a few of the categories are more difficult to determine. All of the categories are:

  • Legend of online poker
  • Best high-stakes MTT players (ABI from $100)
  • Best middle-stakes MTT player (ABI $20 to $100)
  • Best low-stakes MTT player (ABI under $20)
  • Best SNG player
  • Best HU player
  • Discovery of the year
  • Player with highest profit
  • Best caster
  • Sponsor prize

The legend award will go to the player who has won more than $3 million in MTTs since June 2012 and more than $500K in profit, as well as played more than 10,000 tournaments with an average buy-in of at least $100. The discovery award uses data from 2016 from players with more than $50,000 in profit in MTTs but no more than $50,000 in the years prior to 2016.

As for the caster prize, the criteria are popularity (number of subscribers and regularity of casts), profit, and stakes played. And the nominations for this category and the legend category are selected by users with voting beginning in the coming days.

What Should Players Know About Macropoker?

The statistics for all players are listed on Macropoker, whether or not they are users and/or subscribers to the site. Players who choose to have their information removed can simply confirm their identity and ask for their statistics to be hidden.

Those who choose to subscribe have the ability to search the site for their competitors and their own activities, as well as create a watch list for particular data and request reports of their own results. They also have access to statistics from all online rooms, though 888poker and Microgaming do have limited access, and the use of the MacroHUD to display opponents’ statistics.

Positive Responses

Before Macropoker decided to introduce OPTA-2016, numerous news outlets and affiliates provided input regarding an awards system to recognize those in the online poker world. Macropoker then worked with PokerStrategy-dot-com to set up an awards project with promotions, gifts, and interesting content with relation to nominees and the awards itself.

Online poker pro and Global Poker League team captain Anatoly “nl_profit” Filatov expressed his support of the OPTA-2016: “I think that creating an award for online poker players is a great initiative. Playing professionally is very hard and resource-intensive work. It’s a comfort to know that this work will be recognized and duly appreciated.”

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