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On a Sunday night before Thanksgiving 2015, professional poker player and popular Twitch Poker stream Jaime Staples had a major online tournament broadcast which attracted 13,500 viewers to his PokerStaples Twitch channel.

The evening represented a personal best for the Friend of PokerStars, who not only set a personal record for concurrent viewers, but also finished fifth in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up for $22,307.

Argentina’s “Festivuss” eventually took down the tournament and collected over $81,000 for his outright victory.

Win-Win For All Involved

Staples’ final table appearance in the $200+15 buy-in online event pleased a lot of people in the poker industry — including poker fans. During his Twitch broadcast, the game of poker temporarily jumped as high as the #5 spot of all video game categories on the live streaming platform. That’s great news and exposure for his main sponsor, PokerStars, which has been able to leverage its entrance into Twitch Poker through new player signups.

PokerStaples Sunday Warm Up Final Table Stream

The feat was also received well by Investors who bought a piece of the Canadian’s action via Poker Market, as they were able to cash-in their portion of a five-figure score (31% of Staples’ Sunday Warm-Up action was owned by those fans).

Staples was also able to generate a “Subscriber Train” of roughly 100 premium viewers over the course of his cast and attracted hundreds of dollars in donations from viewers seeking to support his efforts.

Twitch Poker Growth in 2015

Twitch Poker has grown by leaps and bounds in 2015, with a slew of new talent trying out the live streaming format in an effort to engage their own audiences.

Although it is somewhat difficult to amass the following Staples has without a continuous stream and lots of attention to in-stream chat participation, many who currently stream on a regular basis are aware that one big final table could instantly place them on the broadcasting map.

Personalities such as Staples, Jason Somerville and Joey Ingram are paving the way for more online poker players to take a stab at the entrepreneurial Twitch business model that grants an opportunity at generating revenue based on viewership.

What’s Next For PokerStaples?

Even with a third of his tournament prize going to those who had pieces of his Sunday Warm-Up action, Jaime Staples was able to add more than $15,000 to his poker bankroll.

This Twitter post shortly after he was eliminated Sunday night shows the 23-year old relaxing with roommates and friends. When prompted by viewers of his final table stream, Staples admitted that some amount of the $15,000 would likely go to a new piece of artwork for the house he shares with fellow poker players.

As for future sponsorship opportunities, those are always part of the discussion when any broadcasting personality is able to move poker category figures in the way Staples and some of the other top Twitch Poker streamers do. Along with poker making it to the Top 5 of all Twitch games during his cast, the PokerStaples channel was also ranked #5 among all Twitch casters for over an hour, including those who stream video game content.

On behalf of the PokerUpdate staff, I’d like to personally congratulate Jaime Staples on another breakthrough performance and wish all Twitch Poker streamers success as we look forward to 2016.

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