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It may not be the Poker Hall of Fame, there is no fancy dinner and induction ceremony prior to the November Nine, but being named to the Internet Poker Wall of Fame (IPWOF) is an honor that any online poker player would no doubt cherish.

The idea for the IPWOF was hatched in August as a way to pay tribute to those who perhaps deserve some Poker HOF recognition, but may never hear their name called due to various factors that include the current requirements for HOF inclusion and the favoritism tilted toward WSOP-centric events.

Six players were inducted into the IPWOF prior to this month by 2 + 2 Pokercasters Adam Schwartz and Terrence Chan, who are the only decision makers responsible for IPWOF inclusion. It’s their idea and their baby. Isai Scheinberg, Prahlad Friedman, Dominik Kofert, Chris Moorman, Randy Blumer and Jim Moran, Jr. all got the nod for, in one way or another, excelling in or helping to grow the game of poker.

Chris Moneymaker

Two new inductees were named to the IPWOF just a few days ago – Chris Moneymaker and Pat Isaac. The former still has a chance to someday make the PHOF, and some are even urging enshrinement in 2016 – the first year that Moneymaker will be eligible. But for now, Chris will have to hang his hat on his new IPWOF status, whether he wants to or not.

Most everybody is familiar with the Moneymaker story and how he won his ticket to the big dance at the 2003 WSOP through a satellite on PokerStars and then won the Main Event and $2.5 million.

“History would be written and the poker boom was ignited and his (Moneymaker) induction into the IPWOF from that point was a foregone conclusion,” Schwartz posted.

Indeed. Poker soared to new heights thanks to the former Tennessee accountant with the perfect poker-playing name.

Pat Isaac

The second of the two inductees is “Pokertracker Pat” Issac. As the moniker suggests, Isaac created Pokertracker, the third-party software that leads the online poker industry in allowing players to gain an edge over their competition. Developed by Isaac in 2001, the software enables players to analyze and keep track of hands played, as well as use heads up displays to simplify their online poker-playing.

In naming Isaac to the IPWOF, Schwartz called Pokertracker “the most important Internet poker tool in the short history of the industry.”

As many may be aware, there is a growing trend toward restricting or eliminating this type of software, including by PokerStars, who announced on Nov. 1 that the site is “on a path to eliminate many of these technological advantages that are used by a minority of players.”

The debate over whether such software is good for the game of poker will rage on. In any event, and although Isaac has since sold his interest in the product, there is no denying that Pokertracker has had a profound effect on online poker.

Charles Rettmuller

Charles has been an avid poker player for a number of years, both live and online. He holds a degree in journalism and previously worked as a reporter for a Chicago-based newspaper. Charles joined the PokerUpdate team in early 2012 and writes daily news articles for the site.