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The excitement is building as Round 4 nears the end in PokerUpdate’s Most Memorable Televised Poker Hand contest.

Other poker media sites have graciously provided coverage of the tournament, the latest one being That followed articles by and, as it appears that many in the poker world (even in Sweden) are interested to find out which TV poker hand will be crowned the champion.

If you have yet to vote for your favorite among the four TV poker hands remaining, there is still time to do so. Click here to cast your vote and be part of the tournament.

That’s Entertainment

Most will agree that the featured TV poker hands have incredible entertainment value, whether in the category of funny, shocking, impressive or exciting. For players and fans of poker, nothing beats action at the live poker tables.

Can action be that entertaining if players are filmed while playing online poker? We now have Twitch, which allows players to be live streamed while competing online. Lots of players find value and entertainment in that medium, watching pros explain their moves at the online tables in real time.

“I had the nuts the whole time!”

But if you’re looking for real entertainment of an online poker player appearing on film, I urge you to watch the video below. The player’s name is Jim Moran, who was playing an online tournament at PokerStars in 2008. But he wasn’t just playing the tournament, he was explaining some of his actions and thinking along the way.

Moran, the son of former Virginia Congressman James Moran, was being filmed by Bruce Ryan, a childhood pal who was shooting a documentary on poker. Whatever became of the documentary is not known. Also unknown are the whereabouts of the younger Moran, whose excitement while winning hands may be unrivaled in the history of online poker – at least that which has been captured on film.

Idiocy or Comedy?

“That makes me look like an idiot,” Moran told ABC News seven years ago.

An idiot? Hardly. Just an over-exuberant online poker player who screams at his computer just as many of us do during wins and losses while playing the game that we love.

Moran didn’t win the tournament at PokerStars that day, but he did receive a well-deserved honor recently. He was named to the Internet Poker Wall of Fame. Moran became the IPWOF’s sixth inductee, recognized for, in the words of Pokercaster Adam Schwartz, playing “the hero in arguably the greatest ‘I’m playing online poker’ video ever produced.”

Way to work that guy, Jim!

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Charles Rettmuller

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