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Instagram king and poker player Dan Bilzerian‘s tweets and other social media posts are often vulgar and crass, as he tends to sometimes come off like a spoiled rich kid with too much time and money on his hands.

But lately, the party animal with a penchant for girls, guns and blowing stuff up has shown his followers a softer, more philosophical side. His latest post falls into that category, as Bilzerian offers his views on money and happiness. Surprisingly enough, the 34-year-old doesn’t feel that wealth and being happy are connected, as he explained to his Instagram followers:

“Lotta people ask if I’m happy or if I’m miserable because I have money,” states the trust fund millionaire who claims to have added to his wealth via high stakes poker cash games. “Money buys temporary pleasure; personal happiness and money are uncorrelated.”

We have certainly heard others say that before. Perhaps not in the same manner or fashion, but similarly. Money, of course, is sometimes referred to as the root of all evil. And it is the consensus of many that the trappings of wealth are no match for a simple, contented life in which love, family and meaningful personal relationships are plentiful.

What Else, Dan?

Bilzerian didn’t stop there. He went a bit deeper, disclosing what he feels is really behind the search for happiness.

“The real issue, and the problem that transcends money, is fear,” he added. “People are afraid of what others are going to think, fearful of things beyond their control, and most of all, people are afraid to just be themselves. Fear and judgement are the root of all evils, conquer those, and you will be happy.”

An interesting statement, and one which instantly brought to mind an old Albert Brooks movie entitled “Defending Your Life.” In that film, Brooks dies at the young age of 40 and stands trial in the afterlife, forced to prove that he has conquered his earthly fears. If Brooks can justify his fears during his 40 years of life, he will presumably move on to a blissful existence. If not, he is sent back to Earth to try again.

Bilzerian appears to be fearless, posting and saying things on social media that others certainly wouldn’t. He obviously cares not what others think, deflecting criticism regarding his wealth and lifestyle and assuming that those most critical act that way due to jealousy.

Over 12 Million and Counting

The post about money, fear and happiness went out to his 12.4 million followers on Instagram. Every image and adjoining remark that Bilzerian posts typically receives comments from both admirers and haters that number in the thousands.

The admirers apparently outnumber the haters by a huge margin, as each Instagram post as of late has received likes in the hundreds of thousands. The one about happiness was liked by 357,000.

Whether or not you agree with Bilzerian regarding the key to happiness is a matter of opinion. But with a following of that size, he certainly does wield an influence over others. Most of the time that influence tends to show a rather hedonistic lifestyle. How refreshing that he mixed in a bit of philosophical thinking with the typical fare of naked girls, guns and his big boy toys.

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