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What is a stud? There are many definitions. Some thing of a horse that’s used to breed while others think of beams used to reinforce walls. Others probably clicked on this article thinking that we were going to show off the hottest men in poker.

In this case, we are referring to the game of Seven Card Stud and the variants played at the World Series of Poker. Today, we look at five players who could make an impact at the 2015 WSOP in Stud tournaments.

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Jeff Lisandro

Jeff Lisandro has six career World Series of Poker bracelets, four of which have come in Stud games. Heading into the 2007 WSOP, he was considered one of the best pros that had not won a bracelet. He shed that title after taking down the $2,000 Stud Event. Little did he know that would be the precursor of great things to come.

Lisandro is the last player to complete the WSOP Stud Triple Crown, doing so with a historic performance in 2009. He started by winning the $1,500 Stud Event for his second career bracelet. Less than two weeks later, he won the $10,000 Stud 8 Championship for $431,656 and his third career bracelet.

Four days later, he won the $2,500 Razz Event for his fourth career bracelet and completed the triple crown. Lisandro also became the only player in WSOP history to win bracelets in all three variants of Stud in the same year.

Since that time, Lisandro has continued to dominate the poker world and added two PLO bracelets to his resume. This past summer, he missed out on his fifth Stud bracelet when he finished 5th in the $10,000 Stud 8 Championship.

Lisandro has $1.1 million in combined Stud earnings at the WSOP and is #1 all-time for Stud 8 earnings with $512,316. Considered one of the greatest Stud players in history, he is a threat to make the final table of any Stud contest he enters. Don’t be shocked to see him add to his legacy this summer by taking down bracelet #7 a Stud event.

Artie Cobb

Artie Cobb has four WSOP bracelets and all are in Seven Card Stud variants. His first bracelet came all the way back in 1983 in the $1,000 Stud 8 Event. The legendary Johnny Moss finished 5th in that event.

In 1987, Cobb took down the $5,000 Stud Event after defeating Stud legend Don Williams heads-up. His third bracelet was in 1991 when he won the $1,500 Stud Event. Cobb’s fourth bracelet came in 1998 when he won the $2,500 Stud Event after surviving a stacked final table that included Helmut Koch, Thor Hansen and Phyllis Kessler.

Looking at Cobb’s resume, nearly every result on it revolves around Stud games. He lacks only a Razz bracelet to complete the WSOP Stud Triple Crown. Cobb has over $792,000 in career earnings and is second all-time in regular Stud earnings at the WSOP.

The 72-year-old is a force to be reckoned with in Stud games at the WSOP and last was at a final table in 2013 when he finished 8th in the $1,500 Stud 8 Event. Artie Cobb is one of the true legends of Stud poker and it will be fun to see him go after bracelet #5 this year.

Cyndy Violette

Cyndy Violette is perhaps one of the most proficient female Stud players in the history of the game. Much like Artie Cobb, the majority of Violette’s poker resume revolves around Stud. In addition to career tournament winnings of over $1.3 million, she has played high stakes Stud in the past in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Violette’s only WSOP bracelet came back in 2004 when she won the $2,000 Stud 8 or Better event for $135,900. Since 2008, nearly ever result on her resume has been Stud related or mixed games with a heavy Stud element.

Nowadays, Violette’s primary focus is on her restaurant Violette’s Vegan but you can be sure that she will show up for the Stud and mixed events at the WSOP. This could be a special year for Violette. With so much positive energy in her life right now, she will certainly be playing her best poker. This could result in her running deep and possibly finally taking down her second career bracelet – which she will promptly put on display at her establishment.

Ted Forrest

Ted Forrest has six WSOP bracelets with four of those in Stud variants. In 1993, he won the $1,500 Razz Event and the $5,000 Stud Event during a three bracelet campaign. In 2004, he won the $1,500 Stud Event during on his way to a dual bracelet year. This past summer, Forrest won the $1,500 Razz for the second time in his career.

For his career, Forrest has over $708,000 in Stud event earnings and only needs a bracelet in a Stud Hi-Lo contest to complete the Stud Triple Crown. He’s narrowly missed out on a Stud 8 bracelet twice in his career, finishing second in the 1996 $2,500 Stud 8 and fourth in the 2011 $10,000 Stud 8 Championship.

Forrest is always a deep threat in any tournament he plays in and after finally breaking his streak of near-misses last year, expect him to contend for his seventh bracelet this summer. With any luck, he will finally complete the Stud Triple Crown.

George Danzer

Although only 31 years of age, George Danzer plays Stud like he is grizzled veteran twice his age. He won three WSOP bracelets last year with two in Stud events. The third was in 8-Game which incorporates all three Stud variants.

Last year, Danzer took down the $10k Razz and the $10k Stud Hi-Lo. He only needs to win a Seven Card Stud bracelet to complete the WSOP Stud Triple Crown. His victory in the $10k Razz already has him #1 on the WSOP All-Time Razz earnings list and he is sixth on the Stud 8 earnings list.

The Team PokerStars Pro highlights the new breed of poker players that have learned to branch out from NL Hold’em into other games. Expect him to build on his success this summer and contend for bracelet #4 and take down the Stud Triple Crown.

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James Guill

James Guill began his poker career in 2006, spending two years traveling the US tournament circuit. Since 2008, he has covered the game extensively for some of the biggest names in the industry. When not writing about the latest poker news, he can be found hunting for antique treasures in Central Virginia.