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Brad Pitt needs a break.

The man God chiseled out of the same stone as Patrik Antonious has a hard life. The Golden Globe winner is also a busy film producer, he owns an Oscar winning production company, is husband to one of the most beautiful women in the world, and has to look after six kids.

Six kids!


So when the Ravishing Rick Rude of Hollywood wants to chill out and play a few hands of poker with the lads, then mikasa sukasa.

Pitt was at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah to promote his latest flick, True Story – starring James Franco and directed by Rupert Gold – when someone broke a deck of cards out.

Ever the humanitarian, Pitt invited his driver to play in the game and this is what happened, according to a source that contacted

Q:He was feeling good about life and ended up playing a few hands of poker with some of the guys.” The insider continued, “What turned into one hand of poker turned into two – then, about five hands in, Brad decided to make it really interesting. He told the other players that if they lost the hand they had to do some outrageous dare, but [that] if he lost, he would pay $25,000 right then and there.”;

The insider continued to state that Pitt was dealt the $25,000 hand and insta-mucked.

“I had the worst hand at the table,” Pitt told a delightful looking driver.

It’s believed that Pitt purposely lost the hand because he was aware his driver was putting his two kids through college and had another sprog on the way. At least that’s the story Pitt told his wife Angelina Jolie.

It’s a story that rings true.

Pitt, who has an estimated net worth of $240m, is one of the most high profile philanthropists in Hollywood. In 2007, he formed the Make it Right Foundation to provide aid to the sufferers of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It’s thought that he pumped $5m into that project, and 2006 tax records show that Team Brangelina donated $8m to charity.

So how did Pitt learn to play poker?

Perhaps, he received lessons from Don Cheadle and Matt Damon. Together with George Clooney, David Pressman, and Jerry Weintraub, the six stars founded Not on Our Watch, a non-profit that directs attention upon mass atrocities around the world. Both Cheadle and Damon have been known to play a hand or two.

And he could also slip some sneaky lessons in with the Finnish online poker star Jens Kyllonen. The pair have each paid $200,000 to book their seats on a Virgin Galactic trip into space. Although Kyllonen is the 400th person to pony up the trip money. One suspects Team Brangelina will be getting into orbit a few journeys before him.

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