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WPT and TransGaming Announce Partnership

World Poker Tour (WPT) Enterprises has announced a partnership with social video games developer TransGaming to launch a new WPT-branded game on the GameTree TV gaming platform.

The new game will be made specifically for the Freebox Revolution, a ‘latest generation’ set-top box created by the French telecommunication company Free. TransGaming has said that the game will feature capabilities such as Multi-screen support and Multi-player gameplay which will give players an experience that “mirrors World Poker Tour TV programming”.

President for WPT Enterprises Adam Pliska said the partnership would give its fans a greater, better and more interactive involvement in poker via its newly created video game.

“WPT is known for providing its players with incredible poker experiences both in live events and online,” he said.  “We couldn’t be more pleased with our new game from TransGaming, which gives our global fan base an immersive and authentic WPT experience on their connected televisions.”

The game is also set to include an exact replica of the World Poker Tour stage as well as original voiceovers from the show’s on-air personalities. It will also include a range of micro-transaction capabilities that will allow players to purchase products, such as poker chips, while they play a tournament.

Chief Executive Officer and President for TransGaming Vikas Gupta said the deal to produce the game will be mutually beneficial to TransGaming, WPT and poker fans alike. “When we saw the possibilities that GameTree TV offers, we felt strongly that World Poker Tour needed to be on it. It will be a true-to-life World Poker Tour experience that our fans will love,” Mr Gupta said.

“We have seen strong traction and revenue growth since our migration to a subscription-only model with GameTree TV and the availability of WPT is expected to catalyse this growth… We are going to set the bar for quality gaming with World Poker Tour that will drive gaming to the forefront of Smart TV based living room entertainment.”

While an exact date for the launch of the game has not yet been set, the Canadian-based software gaming company has said it is expected to be launched sometime in the fall.

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