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William Hill Walkout

Nearly 200 marketing and customer service employees at William Hill’s Tel Aviv office have walked out after the company’s chief marketing officer resigned over fears jobs could move to Gibraltar.

Chief Executive of William Hill Online Henry Birch sent an email calling for their return, claiming that the company is “committed to Israel” and that it has “no intention to close the office at any time.”

It did little good. No employees reported for work on Sunday, with fewer than 20 of William Hill’s 180 staff in the office yesterday and today.

William Hill plans to close the Israel office and, according to eGaming Review, the company began “to take key responsibilities away from senior and mid-level employees in preparation to move all its marketing operations to Gibraltar and Britain.”

Birch’s email seen by PokerUpdate, eGaming Review and others: 


First of all, thank you for coming to the office today and showing your support.

As I said, none of us is pleased we are in this situation but we need to all use it to build a better company in Israel.  I am clear that the business needs to be led and managed in a different style.

I understand it is difficult for you all but we recognize your support and commitment and that will not be forgotten.

Having listened to people’s concerns about job security I want to put in place the following:

  • Anyone who comes to work tomorrow (Tuesday) or Sunday 23rd October and continues to come to work will receive an extra one month’s salary in their next salary in November 
  • Anyone who continues to work in the longer term will receive an extra month’s salary in June 2012.  Both of these payments are in addition to any bonuses or any 13th month payments.
  • For anyone who continues to work, their notice period will be extended from one month to 6 months.  This means that should people lose their jobs (for any reason other than bad performance or gross misconduct), they would automatically receive 6 months’ salary.   This means that if you want to leave at any time you have to give the company 1 month notice, but if we want you to leave we have to give you 6 months notice or the equivalent money.  Just to be clear, this means that at all times people will always be assured of 6 months future pay.  This would be in addition to any “pitzuim”.  However, I repeat – we are committed to Israel and have no intention to close the office at any time.

I know some people wanted a commitment that their jobs were “safe” until a certain date. If I give a date, people will assume that at that date we will close the office – which would not be the case.  I hope you understand why it makes more sense for everyone if we extend notice periods.

I understand that the Adgency email may not be working so please tell other people in the company about this email.

Please continue to work with us and we will make sure there is a better and brighter future for William Hill in TLV.

Thank you


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