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William Hill Affiliate Deals Unchanged

Yesterday, after walking out in protest for more than 10 days, William Hill’s marketing and customer support teams returned to work.

The situation is finally under control. William Hill has dismissed seven senior managers, after the resignation of chief marketing officer Eyal Sanoff exposed a plan to set up a rival business.

Henry Birch, head of William Hill Online, and Jim Mullen, the joint venture’s chief operating officer, will be based in Tel Aviv for the next few months to oversee the transition and restructuring of the operation.

Mor Weizer, chief executive of Playtech, said: “Having been asked by William Hill’s chief executive, Ralph Topping, to assist, I am very pleased that this issue is now behind William Hill Online. It is very positive for both shareholders that the business can now continue to move forward.”

Affiliates and their players also welcome the news that their deals remain unchanged.

Here is an email from RoyalStakes, who is closely affiliated with the Tel Aviv operation:

“Today is ‘good news’ day. As you know, we have been working our tails off trying to handle the entire situation with BetMost Poker and William Hill Poker. Because of the entire management change at William Hill (and BetMost), there has been a lot of uncertainty between the new management, ourselves, you, and probably your players. As a result, the deals there both for yourself and for your players, have been unstable to say the least.

Our number one priority has been the same all along: to take care of you and your players. That’s our entire business, and we’ve maintained that stance the whole time. As seen in online news articles throughout the industry, the entire William Hill operation has been in shambles for the past 7-10 days, which made it impossible for us to trust that our affiliates and players would get paid “like normal”. However, as of TODAY, they realize the amount of control we NEED in order to be able to keep their operation running smoothly and we have very positive news for everyone involved.

I am happy to report to you that after a lot of hard work, communication and explanation with the William Hill management, we have all come to a great conclusion: your deals and the player deals will continue to run “like normal” with very little, if any, disruption at William Hill Poker and BetMost Poker.

A Summary of Current Status at BetMost / William Hill Poker:

  • We have agreed with William Hill Poker management (also BetMost Poker) that we will maintain all the control we have had all along.
  • This control enables us to execute player and affiliate payments smoothly.
  • The vast majority of the staff at William Hill Online has returned to work, which means any temporary issues or confusion we have suffered from in the past week should now be gone.
  • Your players will be paid like normal. Your affiliate earnings will be paid like normal.
  • Poker Payback for BetMost Poker (dates Oct 15 – 21) is now being processed. Your players should get the funds within 24 hours.
  • Bottom Line: everything is back to normal and we will continue building business like we have since the beginning of RoyalStakes!”

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