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News Bite - Pokerstars CEO Gabi Campos Departs?

It has been reported on Poker Player Newspaper, and has been discussed across a TwoPlusTwo thread, that Pokerstars CEO Gabriel Campos Woslovsky, has possibly left the position after just two years in charge of the company.

It brings yet another high-profile member of Pokerstars to leave, after numerous staff and player releases. It follows the release of the EPT’s Tournament Director Thomas Kremser, EPT’s founder John Duthie and Jeffrey Haas, the managing director of Global Poker Tours Limited, the company related to Pokerstars who ran the live events, along with the departures of players JP Kelly and Joe Hachem.

TwoPlusTwo posters believe that this can be down to Black Friday preventing U.S players from entering the poker site, and Pokerstars’ reaction to reduce costs within the company should attempts for U.S licencing fail. Another consideration is the tax changes that Pokerstars will have over the regulated markets in places such as France and Italy, that will happen later on in countries such as Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Germany and the UK.

The story continues.

Edit (17/01/12) – EGR Magazine has confirmed that Campos will be stepping down as Pokerstars CEO on the 1st of February, 14 months after acquiring the position.

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