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Macau's March Gaming Revenue Third Highest Ever

Macau’s gaming sector has continued to strengthen its reputation as the world’s premier gaming destination. That can be seen through the sector’s revenue for March, which totalled US$4.4 billion.

The monthly bottom line marked a 13 percent increase year-on-year and was the third-highest monthly revenue on record for Macau. It is quite a big deal considering that only the month before, the gaming sector posted its highest monthly revenue ever, US$4.8 billion.  

The March revenue boost was largely attributed to Macau’s continuing popularity as a holiday destination of China’s ever-growing middle class, many of whom are enticed by the wide variety of casinos and real-money games that the gambling enclave has to offer.

Economic analysts had predicted a revenue increase of between 10 and 13 percent in March, which means that the $4.4 billion sum was at the top end of those estimates. Macau’s total revenue in the first three months of 2014 stands at US$12.8 billion.

Should those sort of numbers continue for the rest of the year, it may push yearly revenue past the $50 billion mark, which would smash revenue records for the Chinese special administrative region’s gaming sector.

The month of March also saw Macau play host to the highly anticipated Macau Millions poker event. That event saw a record number of players take to the felt, with a total of 1,804 entries in the Main Event, which led to a total prize pool of US$450,000.

Chinese player Hao Chen took out the six-day tournament and pocketed HK$550,000 (US$70,815) as a result of his stellar play. The overwhelming success of the Macau Millions shows that the game of poker has and could continue to benefit as the gaming sector in Macau continues to grow.

That may be a welcome sign to the organisers of the Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) Platinum Series IV, which takes place in Macau between April 17 and 20. The series will have four events, one of which is the two-day Main Event.

Should the numbers of the ACOP Platinum Series IV events be high, it may just confirm Macau as the premier Asian poker destination. That would be an honour Macau would have alongside its reputation as the world’s biggest gaming destination.

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