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Fertitta Interactive Buys CyberArts

According to eGaming Review, Fertitta Interactive, co-owned by brothers Frank Fertitta III and Lorenzo Fertitta, along with former Golden Nugget owners Tom Breitling and Tim Poster, has acquired software provider CyberArts for an undisclosed amount.

“One of the key things for us was finding best-of-breed software, with an emphasis on internet poker, which has been market tested. CyberArts also brings a lot more to the table than that, such as an incredible platform to build upon,” Tom Breitling told eGaming Review.

The Fertitta brothers own 45% of Station Casinos with former Golden Nugget owners Tom Breitling and Tim Poster.

“It positions us on the global internet gaming front, with the emphasis on poker in the US. We support and advocating for federal regulation, and as you know there, is a strong need for regulation in the US, as a result of events arising from Black Friday to existing players,” Breitling added.

On March 24, Wynn Resorts announced a partnership with PokerStars with the intention of operating an online site together. Less than a week later Fertitta Interactive revealed a similar deal with Full Tilt. Breitling explained the partnership to eGaming Review:

“These guys were approaching a number of different partners in anticipation of US legislation, and the deal with Full Tilt was subject to due diligence. We had barely started [this process] when the US Department of Justice made it very clear that a deal would not be possible. Which is why we we are thrilled with the CyberArts acquisition, as it’s a clean American company, that has never operated or taken a US wager.”

CyberArts’ Foundation poker platform currently powers the US subscription site PurePlay.

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