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Epic Poker - $4 Million Debt To Creditors

New information on Federated Sports + Gaming, the parent company of the Epic Poker League, could suggest that the poker tour will be unlikely to complete its first season, according to Wicked Chops Insider.

A website focusing on business bankruptcies indicates that FS+G owe money to approximately 100 creditors, excluding duplications. While an amount for the total debt is unknown, Wicked Chops claim to have seen court records that suggest it reaches $4 million.

Unpaid creditors include All In Productions, the company running the Heartland Poker Tour, FS+G’s production team 441 Productions, their PR firm Rogers and Crown, The Hendon Mob and the Disabled Veterans of America.

Annie Duke stated in a letter to FS+G for their official statement, that it was their intention to complete Season 1 of the Epic Poker League. This includes a $20,000 buy-in event with $400,000 added in prize money, and a $1 million freeroll for eligible players.

The reason given by the EPL for the postponements was “to set new dates that do not conflict with the global tournament schedule in the coming months and that fit with casino space availability”, prior to the new sources.

Duke’s Downfall?

One person who will come out worse from this than anybody else will be Annie Duke, the founder and public face of the Epic Poker League. Annie Duke has often faced criticism and dismay from the online community, and fellow pro Daniel Negreanu has publically slated her on several sources.

Duke was also one of the main faces of UltimateBet, the poker room known for the scandal by Russ Hamilton, involving a super-user account that could view all player hole-cards at tables. After the departure of Duke from UltimateBet, bankruptcy soon followed as U.S authorities seized the domain.

While Duke has no direct link to Full Tilt, one of the company’s main shareholders, Howard Lederer, is Duke’s brother. It brings another embarrassing moment for the family as yet another business linked to them faces closure. With both scandals still currently in progress, it could be suggested that the online community and fellow campaigners of the well-being of the industry, will likely want to prevent both Duke and Lederer to be involved with any poker-related business in the future.

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