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Epic Fail?

Federated Sports + Gaming, the parent company of the Epic Poker League, has recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, in an official statement.

Despite this Annie Duke, founder of the EPL, has stated that they will be looking to complete Season 1 of the tour. Event 4 and the Season 1 Championship has been postponed however, and it is unsure when they will be staged.

The statement from the company indicates that they will be looking for a new firm which “shares the same passion and vision” to invest and keep their ventures running (this includes the Global Poker Index, websites, the EPL Facebook game and the Heartland Poker Tour).

From its inception, the tour received mixed reviews. Daniel Negreanu was opposed to the format the company produced and was very outspoken to it being likely to fail.

Previously, PokerUpdate reported on the tour being part of the Poker Channel’s T.V schedule and the importance for it to succeed for the sake of poker as a spectator sport.

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