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The Full Tilt remission process reached a milestone upon completing its latest batch of payouts a few days ago as four-fifths of all U.S. claimants have been paid.

That information came courtesy of claims administrator Garden City Group (GCG) at the official Full Tilt Poker Claims website. GCG revealed that over 3,100 petitioners were made whole in the most recent wave of distribution on March 31, receiving about $2.5 million in the process.

For those keeping score at home, just shy of $100 million has found its way to over 36,000 U.S. claimants in five separate rounds of payments in about 13 months. Those U.S. players can thank their lucky PokerStars that reimbursement has arrived.


Remember 2011-12 when it looked like nobody would ever get paid and many players had already written off their account balances as the price of playing online poker in an unregulated environment? And what if Bernard Tapie had managed to acquire Full Tilt instead of the Rational Group?

That second question has no definitive answer and can only be speculated upon. But we can certainly admit that things turned out well for U.S. Full Tilt players.

Where’s My Money?

The bulk of the 20% of players still waiting for their cash – presumably 7,300 or so – are petitioners whose claims are in dispute. Those players fall under two categories: 1) claims greater than $2,000; 2) claims between $500.01 and $2,000 where the difference of the disputed amount is higher than 20%.

Naturally, disputed claims take longer to review. As such, the GCG did not provide a timeline for the next batch of distribution. Of the five rounds of reimbursement to date, the first four were completed within three months of each other – at most. There was a seven-month delay between the fourth and fifth payment batches.

Charles Rettmuller

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