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The Fantasy Sports market is booming.

There are an estimated 33 million people playing Fantasy Football each year, including 6.4 million women, and with additional sports being added to the format at an exponential rate, the number will keep growing. is the latest company to get involved in the action, and it’s appointed a number of professional poker players to help promote the site, one of which is Amanda Musumeci, and here she is talking about her involvement in the latest form of gambling to take over the word.

What is Fantasy Draft?

“It’s in beta testing and will be launching very soon. It’s going to be a rival in the Fantasy Sports industry. It’s a young industry…I think only 4-5 years old…and we hope to tap into what has become a $15 billion industry.”

How did you personally get involved?

“I got involved through a friend of mine who is close to Matt Savage. Matt is involved in the affiliate program. Most of the other Fantasy Sports sites have an affiliate program, but this one is a little bit different, and I’m grateful that Savage brought me in to be an affiliate for the site.”

As a professional poker player, do you have to work hard to get these opportunities, or is it just a matter of luck?

“I wouldn’t say it’s luck. I have been in poker for seven years now. I have done quite decent and networked with the right people. I have put a lot of effort into networking and when opportunities come along like this I feel a great sense of gratitude for the hard work I have done.

“The reason I was invited on board so early was because Matt Savage and the team understood I have a wide reach. There is a lot of rake money out there, similar to the good old days in poker when you could sign up for rakeback. This program allows you to get rakeback on six generations of people.”

How important is it for you to diversify and get involved in projects like this?

“The mindset of wanting more than poker, and diversifying my portfolio in a financial sense, is something I have been considering for a number of years. Poker is all-consuming, so it’s difficult to drag yourself away from the allure of winning large sums of money, the traveling, and the lifestyle.

“What’s quite funny is I was speaking to a close friend of mine, and he was giving me some business advice. I was going to take some time away from poker, this year, and then as I was going do that this opportunity came along. The way I saw it was if I put some hard work into this for the next few months, then it would be worth the grind.”

Describe the affiliate program for the readers.

“In most affiliate programs if you were to add your friend John, and he added his friend Mary, you would only collect rake from John. The difference with the FantasyDraft model is, if you add John, and he adds Mary, and Mary adds Joe…all the way down to six different levels…you collect rake from all six levels.

“Imagine you add five people directly as your Level 1 affiliates, and they all add five people at Level 2, and they add five people at Level 3, and so on…for six levels. You would be collecting rake from nearly 20,000 people, just from the initial five sign-ups. So the potential is unquantifiable.

“To add some financial perspective. If the first five people average $200 per week, and they attract five people who spend $100 per week…and this continues with each player spending less until you get to Level 6 players spending $10 per week…that equates to roughly $100,000 per year as an affiliate. So if I find the right five people and motivate them there is a lot of potential here.”

This seems like a great opportunity for you to grow as a businesswoman.

“The website offers webinars once or twice per week where they update everyone on what’s going on. They give people new ideas on how to market and network. I don’t even watch sports. I don’t even know what a Quarterback is. I don’t need to in order to be a success at this. There are people out there who have a sister who is in college who is friends with the guys who go tailgating into the sports bar…sign her up and get her to sign up the guys who are making up the demographic of people who are playing Fantasy Sports.

“I went to school for four and a half years but I didn’t end up completing because when it came to doing a year worth of internships, I couldn’t turn poker down. The economy was quite bad for kids coming out of college, I was making good money playing poker, and so it was +EV to stick with poker.

“It’s a blessing and great timing of a situation. I love doing this kind of stuff. This space is about to explode. You have seen how big poker got and sports is so much bigger. The potential is that much greater.”

If you are interested in Fantasy Sports then head over to and get signed up.



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