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Norwegian poker player Elisabeth Hille gained International attention last year after placing 11th at the WSOP. This year she’s already made Day 3 and looking to make consecutive deep runs. PokerUpdate had the chance to chat with the Betfair Team Pro!


PU: Thanks for sitting down with us Liz! Are you using Twitter? 

EH: Yes, you can follow my progress in the main event on 

PU: How has your life changed since your performance last year at the Main Event?

EH: I have been able to spend the last year playing Poker – the game I love – and do lots of travelling. Usually about once a month. Been to places like Vegas, Spain, Prague, Ireland, Vienna, Malta, Norway (obviously) with Betfair.

PU: What is your expectations for the Main Event 2013?

EH: I don’t have a big game plan. I’m just going to go in, take it easy, play the best I can – and hopefully repeat what I did last year!  

PU: How painful was it to bubble the Final Table in Main Event 2012?

EH: I really didn’t mind at all. I was very happy with how it turned out. The only thing I was sour about was that I didn’t get to play even more poker at that level!

PU: What did you do after your big result in the Main Event 2012? 

EH: It was a last night in Vegas anyway, so I ended up collecting my cheque, did lots of interviews, had plenty of beers with my Norwegian friends at the Betfair qualifiers, then flew home the next day! I did have a massive party with my family and friends when I got home though! 

PU: Do you have any advice for players playing the Main Event for the first time? 

EH: Yeah! Patience is so important during the big one. You start with so many chips, and the structure is so slow, that it really pays to take it slow – get to know your table properly – then start exploiting them. Patience is important in Poker anyway, but more so during the Main Event.

PU: What are the most important assets for a Poker Player? 

EH: Patience and observation. Get to know your players very well before you start taking advantage of their weaknesses.

PU: How important are live tells? 

EH: They are important, but a lot of players fall into the usual trap. A player would look nervous with quad fours and a total bluff. How can you tell the difference? Betting patterns are much more useful than live tells, but during the WSOP you can pick up a lot from watching your opponents.  

PU: Do you enjoy Backgammon? 

EH: No – but I love monopoly!

PU: Can you tell us more about your unique method of interest last year?

EH: I played billions of satellites to try and get into the Main Event last year. Wasted a ton of money! I was playing the very last $1k super-satellite, my last shot, and I was frustratingly low on chips. I got a text from Harald who had worked 3 big blinds into big stack in a different WSOP event, and went on to cash for over $20,000. We split it and both bought into the Main Event. The rest is history! 

PU: Are you single? 

EH: I’m in a long term relationship with my boyfriend Harald! 

PU: What did you think about splitting your WSOP winnings with Betfair Poker qualifiers this year? 

EH: Yeah! It was such a great promotion! I was happy to split a percentage with those who played the “John vs. Lizzie” promotion, it’s been quite exciting to have the qualifiers railing me to see how I’m doing.

PH: Do you get recognised very much?

EH: I get recognised a lot during live events – especially people who watched the ESPN events. I’m not that famous at home, but lots of Americans seem to know who I am. People stop and talk, some people stare and whisper – I usually smile and look embarrassed when they do that! 

PU: Are there any players who you just hate playing with, because they are so good? 

EH: There are so many good players about! But they are all beatable, you got to adjust your game, your aggressiveness, to theirs. I give Greg Merson a hard time last year!

PU: Do you have a favourite band?

EH: Big fan of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

PU: Do you have any interesting hobbies outside of Poker?

EH: I used to dance a lot – cheerleading stuff! We didn’t build pyramids and spin in the air, but there’s a cheerleading dancing style in Norway.

PU: Do you have any tattoos?

EH: I have this huge phoenix on my leg! I really like fantasy books and movies, like Game of Thrones, so got this phoenix tatoo. I’ve read all the Game of Thrones books, and loving the TV series! I’ve been thinking about getting another sleeve tattoo this year.

Check out this compilation of Liz Hille in action at the WSOP ME 2012!

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