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Eddy Sabat is one of the happiest poker players on the planet.

I managed to pinch a bit of his time during the break in the Draft Kings 50/50 tournament, and we talked about his views on the new format, what goes on behind the scenes to produce such a happy guy, and even got his girlfriend Melissa to chirp in with a few words.


What’s your view on the 50/50 format?

“This is the first time I have ever played an event like this. I like it. It’s an interesting structure. When you get into the top 10% it becomes a real tournament, more people get money. I think they can add more of these events. There are more recreational players, and that’s always good.”

How as your series been thus far?

“Pretty good. I haven’t had any good scores. I have been making a lot of Day 2’s and then getting card dead, but that happens. I am saving up my run good for the Main Event.”

Why are you so happy? You seem happy even when you bust from a tournament?

“I’m still competitive, but I love what I do and I know busting from poker tournaments is part of the game. I know that the people who manage that the best are the ones who reach the top 1% of the players and can profit consistently over time. I love to play. I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I will never be bored of poker.”


Have you actively worked on that mindset?

“I have, but I haven’t always been like this. You have swings in life and you learn from that. There is nothing profitable about being upset about a loss. For the past 10-years I have always tried to have a strong center and stay strong no matter what. It’s paid off, I have been pretty consistent.”

What makes you successful?

“I think patience and discipline are the two most important qualities in poker. I play in big tournaments and everyone has a good understanding of the game and how people think, so it comes down to finding the right spot, instead of settling for ‘perhaps I have it?’ I let the poker come to me, I don’t try and force anything. It pays off, especially in the long tournaments.”

What are you learning about poker today?

“The beauty of poker is no situation or tournament will be alike. There are so many variables. I am learning to adapt to more situations. I was having trouble with amateur players. They have crazy bet sizing and stuff, and so I jumped into a couple of the Deep Stack events so I could learn how to play against them. I have no problem playing with the sharks, but there are a lot more amateurs in this series. If you get hold of some chips in the $1k and $1.5k events you have a great chance.”

What do you see when you look at the world?

“I like the world around me right now. I think how you are inside is how you see things. There is always a little bit of drama in poker. I like watching Hellmuth winning his 15th bracelet. He is one of the best things for poker. His results don’t lie. I think he’s a pretty good player, and there is no one who wouldn’t want to see him play on TV: the blow ups the crazy folds, the berating…everyone wants to see that.”

To Melissa {Eddy’s girlfriend}…what is it like dating a poker player?

“It’s great…I met him working through poker. I interviewed him after a tournament he won in Macau. We have been dating for six years.”

To Melissa: How difficult would it be if you knew nothing about poker?

“It would be impossible if you didn’t have a girlfriend working in the industry. With the travel, the swings, and the financial aspect of it. He can speak to me about hands and we can talk about it. We have that in common.”

To Melissa: What do you love about this guy?

“I love so much about him. He is very care free, down to earth, fun, and deals with my blow-ups much better than I do. He is always up for a good time, very laid back, gets on with everyone and goes with the flow. He grounds me.”

To Melissa: What are his bad habits?

“He nags me a lot, he reminds me about things all of the time.”

Back to Eddy: What holds you back from being even more successful?

“Probably losing flips…I don’t know I think there are endless possibilities in poker and life. I need to get into shape. Poker is physically draining and I haven’t been going into the gym. Before last summer I was in better shape, and I still was exhausted at the end of the series, so that’s holding me backing a bit.”

What inspires you?

“I love my parents. My Dad is old school, really keeps my mind straight and keeps me focused. I love it that they follow my tournaments online and I want to do well for them. Melissa inspires me to, and her parents are also amazing.”

What grinds your gears?

“People who cough on me at the poker table. That bugs me. If you want to piss me off then cough in my face or floss.”

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