PokerStrategy Awarded €828,600 in Lawsuit against Pocket Kings

Poker Affiliate Wins Major Judgment in Irish High Courts
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PokerStrategy Awarded €828,600 in Lawsuit against Pocket Kings has been awarded a major judgment in its case against former Full Tilt Poker operator Pocket Kings LTD. The affiliate was awarded €828,600 in the Irish High Courts after Pocket Kings failed to send representatives to the hearing.

The judgment ends a six month long litigation process that began in August of 2012 when the affiliate filed suit in the Irish High Courts. PokerStrategy claimed that Pocket Kings failed to honor payment commitments that totaled to €828,600 or US$1.2 million. The affiliate brought nearly 30,000 players per month to pre-Black Friday version of Full Tilt poker and maintained a great marketing presence for the embattled site after the indictments. PokerStrategy brought the lawsuit after the Rational Group buyout of Full Tilt Poker and claimed that the wait was based on placing priority on the US Department of Justice case against Pocket Kings.

The latest setback has added further woes to the disgraced former owners of Full Tilt Poker after the company appointed liquidators last month. Despite the liquidation proceedings, PokerStrategy has been in contact with Liquidators to assist in the process of investigating the conduct and dealings of the corrupt regime. The affiliate has also expressed confidence in its ability to claim the full amount of the judgment.

The PokerStrategy judgment further nails the coffin on the Full Tilt Poker saga and brings the topic of player repayment as the one of the few remaining issues in the continuing journey. Chris Ferguson’s case was also postponed earlier in the year and remains a hot topic after the recent ruling against Howard Lederer. The courts have brought swift judgment to the offenders and players can only hope that the DOJ can follow suit in its repayment of the debt.

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