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If you play Texas Hold’em, you know that suckouts are a common part of the game. It’s going to happen at one point or another and most of us go through at least one big suckout daily.

We’ve put together 7 of the common suckouts you’ll experience at the poker tables. Which one is the most frustrating to you? Tell us in the comments below.

The One Outer

You’re All-in with pocket aces and your opponent calls with pocket 10’s. A third person either calls with a hand like A-10 or they reveal they folded a ten. Your opponent has just one out to suck out on your.

You know how this story ends. The one-outer hits. If you’re lucky, they hit on the flop and you get to sweat two cards. However, if the poker gods are angry at you, that suckout is coming on the river.

The poker gods stay angry a lot….

The Four Flusher

You’re all-in with Ac-Qc and someone calls you with As-3d. The flop falls Qs-5d-9d. Great! You’ve got a pair! Again, the poker gods are just toying with you.

The turn comes a 10d, and you think “don’t you dare!” But the poker gods dare and the river fall the 2d to give your opponent a flush! SON OF A BITCH!

angry gif 1

Dominated Hand Catches Kicker

You’re all-in again with Ac-Qc and again someone calls with a dominated hand like As-9s. It’s a kicker race and you are feeling good, that is until a nine hits the flop.

C’mon! Don’t let this bet he way I go out! Sorry dude, a queen isn’t coming and you’re going to lose to a pair of nines.

The Old Suck/Resuck Trick

You’re beginning to get short and you decide to shove with Ac-Jd. The chip leader wakes up with pocket eights and makes the call.

The flop falls Jc-2d-6s. Hot damn, top pair! Hold!

The turn falls the 6d and you’re still screaming “HOLD!”

You know what’s coming now. An eight on the river for the old suck/resuck trick. At least you can walk away knowing you got it in on a flip instead of a 3:1 dog. Ya, we know, that doesn’t help much.

angry gif 3

“Perfect Read” But They Catch on River

You have Kc-Qc and catch a queen on the flop. You bet and your opponent calls along. Maybe they caught another part of the board.

This person likes to overbet top pair, and you know it. The turn falls a harmless call and again you bet, followed by a call.

The river falls a 9 and this seems harmless enough. You fire a third barrel and this time they shove.

You are pretty certain that you had them on the flop and turn. Are they overplaying their top pair once again? They would have certainly raised or shoved with A-Q before this spot right?

After a bit, you go with your read from earlier in the hand and make the call.

They show Q-9. Dammit! You had them all the way to the river and they caught lucky.

You can look at this one of two ways. First, you can look at it as they got lucky.

The other, and more accurate, is that you need to work a bit more on your reads because you could have gotten away from this hand.

You Miss 17 Outs

You have a hand like 10s-8s in the big blind and the flop falls 9s-8d-7s. You have an open-ended straight flush draw and middle pair.

Someone shoves into you and you decide to call because you have about 14 bb. Your opponent has two red aces.

Sure you’re behind, but you have 17 outs to his your give you a winner. Any spade along with the three other jacks or sixes in the deck. The other two eights also give you a winner.

At this point, you are about 68% to catch your hand.

The turn and river fall red wheel cards and  you miss your monster draw.

Most of you are looking at this and saying, “this isn’t a suckout.” By strict definition, that’s true, but when you have 17 outs and 67% chance to hit your hand, it sure feels like you got sucked out on.

angry gif 2

The Ace From Space!

This is perhaps the most famous suckout in poker, so much so that Barry Greenstein used it for the title of his autobiography (Ace on the River).

You know the scenario. You’re all-in with queen or kings and someone calls with A-J.

The flop and the turn miss both players, but there is still one more shot for your opponent.

Wait for it….

Here it comes….

The ACE FROM SPACE! An ace on the river just crushed your big pair and you just went through one of the most common and frustrating suckouts in the game.

Granted, when you’re on the other side of this equation, the Ace From Space is an awesome feeling.

You’ve got to take the good with the bad. But naturally, we remember the bad more than the good.


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