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If you ask a NL Hold’em player what they think is the most annoying thing about playing mixed game poker and they will say that it is the inability to push people off hands with big bets.

Those that actually play mixed games have a different opinion, or actually, they have multiple opinions. Each form of poker has its own rules, quick and unfortunately, they have their own set of scenarios that frustrate players.

Today we take a look at the top nine scenarios that annoy and frustrate mixed game players. Check them out and let us know if there are any that we missed.

Stud 8 – Starting Four to a Scooping Low and Bricking Out

You are playing Stud 8 and start with a hand like 3-4-5 and immediately cat a six or deuce. Your opponent came in with a substandard hand or they caught bad on fourth and are continuing on in the hand.


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From here, you proceed to experience one of the most frustrating things in the game as you brick out the remainder of the hand. You catch something like 9-J-K or you make a low pair at best. You know you have no chance in hell of winning the hand and either have to check it down or fold to a bet on the river.

Yes, you can bet but what are the chances they are going to fold at this point?

doctor who frustrated

Triple Draw – Losing After Someone Draws Three on Final Draw

Triple Draw Players can stop me if you have heard this one. You are on the final draw with a hand such as J-8-5-4-3 in position and your opponent draws three. This seems like a pretty standard spot to stand pat and take the pot when they miss right?

Only problem is that the person drew three and caught something crazy like an 8-7 and they are going to punish you for an extra bet.

Triple Draw – Three Draws to the Wheel (or Anything Decent) and Miss

You start with a hand like 7-4-3-2-K and have three draws to make a wheel or some type of a winning hand. Your opponents are drawing two or more cards, so you are in a great spot.

At least you thought you were in a great spot. You draw one and catch a 2. You draw again and catch an Ace. On the final draw, you will get there right? Nope, you caught a pair of sevens and will lose to somebody’s Jack-high.

Isn’t Triple Draw fun??

stitch frustrated

Limit Hold’em – Flopping a Set Only to Have Someone Chase Down a Draw and Catch

There are lots of frustrating spots in Limit Hold’em, but probably the most common is flopping a set and someone chases along with a straight or flush draw and gets there on the river.

This type of hand is one reason NL players argue against playing Limit. Of course, any limit player knows that this is just part of the game and that you will come out on the plus side over the long term.

That still doesn’t make it any less frustrating when you lose four or five big bets in a pot that you led until the river.

Razz – Face Card Comes in and Outdraws Your Strong Starter

You pick up a hand like 6-3-2 in Razz and complete the bet. Amazingly, a player with a King, Queen or Jack decides to call the bet. They’re clearly telegraphing their hand to you but long-term you know this is going to go your way.

This isn’t going to be one of those long-term hands. You watch in frustration as he catches low on both fourth and fifth and you have a J-10 in five. On sixth, he catches something like an eight or nine and you pair up. He starts betting out and you realize that he’s just outdrawn your hand.

There’s nothing you can do when someone makes a bad play and gets lucky other than suck it up and keep playing.

liz lemon frustrated

Any Variant During a Rotation Game – You Didn’t Notice the Game Change and Play the Wrong Game

The majority of us have experienced this at least once during our careers playing in rotation games like H.O.R.S.E. or 8-Game. You are playing Razz and the game switches to Seven Card Stud.

You pick up 2-4-6 and didn’t catch that a three brought it in. You complete with your three-card Razz starter and get called by a Jack and the three that brought it in.

Over the next couple of hands, you catch a 6-5-4-2-A and continue pumping the pot. Only the Jack is calling you down with a J-8-5-10 showing. You figure you have him boardlocked to a ten at best with a redraw to a five.

The river comes and you bet out and are raised. Ok, he made his eight. Time to pump up the pot. You raise and he caps the betting. Throwing in the call, you expect to pick up a nice pot when he shows Q-9-J in the hole for a straight and he gets the pot.

What the f**k just happened here? You glance over and cuss after realizing that the game was Seven Card Stud and you were playing Razz. Pay attention to the game changes folks.

Omaha Hi-Lo – Getting Counterfeited

While it is a common occurrence, I can’t think of a single Omaha Hi-Lo player that enjoys when their hand gets counterfeited. For those not familiar with the term, when a player gets counterfeited, that means that a card just hit the board that just made their best hands (typically low) the second best or worst hand.

For example, you have A-2-KQ and the flop fall 4-5-7. You have nut low. However, if the turn falls a 2, then A-3 is the best low with the wheel. Yes, you can get counterfeited for high, but that doesn’t happen nearly as often as for low. Either event it is one of the most frustrating parts of the game.

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Seven Card Stud – All Of Your Outs Are Showing as Door Cards

You’ve pick up a split pair of Kings with a jack and start getting ready to play the hand when you look around and see the other two kings and at least one or more jacks as door cards.

The same is the case when you pick up three cards to a flush or straight and more than two of your desired out are showing as door cards. Sure, you can try and play these hands and hope to hit long odds or catch a different pair but this is going to cost you in the long run. Knowing this, you begrudgingly have to fold.

Stud Variants – You Start Getting Good Starting Hands AFTER Game Changes

HORSE and mixed Stud players will attest to this. You are playing a round of Razz and can’t seem to catch anything lower than a Jack during the round. Then as soon as the game switches to Stud, every hand is three card low starters.

Or you are playing Stud and getting Razz hand and as soon as Stud 8 starts, you start getting split pairs, with high cards that don’t play well in Stud 8. Sometimes you slay the dragon and sometimes the dragon likes to mess with your head.

ryan reynolds frustrated

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