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We’re often asked which  online poker sites are the softest poker sites. The goal of playing poker is to win money and as Ivey League likes to point out, it is more fun when you win. If you’re a casual player who wants to win at online poker, you need to figure out which are the softest poker sites and then make a plan to take advantage of the fish on the site.

Today we will take a look at identify the softest poker sites in the game. We will take a look at what constitutes a fish in poker, the traits of the softest poker sites and our top tip for finding the softest online poker rooms.

What Are Fish?

We often talk about the term fish in relation to poker players. For those completely new to the game, a fish is a poor poker player with little to no chance of winning. The term “fish out of water” aptly applies to many poker players, both online and live.

These players are usually only able to win if they get incredibly luck or if they just happen to find a player worse than them. The fish of the poker world are the players that provide the bread and butter money to online poker pros. You will often see poker games form around poor players and once these players bust, the game breaks.

If you are looking for the softest poker sites, you want sites that have an abundant of fish so that you can grow your poker bankroll. Is it possible to win on sites that have many pro players? Only if your game is better than the pros competing on that site.

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Common Traits for Softest Poker Sites

Since most online poker rooms look and play the same, it can be tough to spot the softest poker sites. However, the rooms with the most fish usually share many of the same traits. We will go over a few below.

First, the softest poker sites are usually those where poker is secondary to casino gambling. For example, sites such as Betfair Poker and Sky Poker are extensions of online casinos. As such, many of the players on these sites are online gamblers first and poker players second.

In many cases, these players are winding down after placing a few sports bets or running it up at the blackjack tables. They are far from serious poker players and they play accordingly.

Next, many of the softest poker sites will have promotions for new players that put a lot of throwaway money into the ecosystem. For example, if a site has a promotion giving $5 to $20 free for a new account signup, you can bet that many fishy players are going to sign up.

The same is true for sites that offer a ton of tournament tickets or freerolls tickets for new signups. Players that signup under these offers are often hoping to get lucky and will play very poorly overall. Sharp players are going to do well in long term on these sites.

Note that high amounts of online poker bonus options, like “First Deposit Bonuses” or “Signup Bonuses,” don’t necessarily mean that a site is fishy. These bonuses usually have to be cleared and the bonus money is not available immediately.

Finally, if a site has a high volume of users, the site is going to be among the softest poker sites. Sites like 888 Poker, PartyPoker and any site on the iPoker Network are going to have plenty of fish because you have tens of thousands of players on the sites every day.

We know what you’re going to say. PokerStars has the largest number of players in the world and most do not consider the site fishy. You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think that PokerStars has plenty of fish.

At the time that this article was written, there were over 168,000 players on PokerStars. Typical logic says that only 1% of all players are truly successful. We will be overly generous and say that 5% of these players are winning players.

Even if 20% of players on PokerStars are “winning players,” that is only 33,600 out of 168,000. That’s leaves 134,400 fish. To us, that seems like a fishy poker sites, regardless of the number of big name pros that play on the site.

Play on Multiple Sites

Our top tip for those looking to find the softest poker sites on the internet is to simply shop around. Play on multiple poker sites to test the competition for yourself and see which sites you do better on.

Depending on your skill level, you may find that most sites are fishy and that you have plenty of opportunities to grow your bankroll. Others may find that one site is good during certain days while other sites play better on other days.

Online poker pros often will jump around to multiple sites to take advantage of games when they’re softer and you should do the same. Keep records of your wins and losses to help you determine which sites bring you the best profit and then map out a game plan to maximize your playing time.

Keeping an eye out for the items we’ve mentioned above and developing a solid game plan will help you identify and exploit the softest poker sites in online poker.

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