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Back before internet poker and the Poker Boom, one of the only tools that you had to improve your game were strategy books. There have been hundreds of Texas Hold’em strategy books written over the decades with many growing obsolete as the game evolves.

Today we look at nine Texas Hold’em strategy books that every poker player should read. These books range the gambit of Texas Hold’em games and even delve into improving your overall mental game.

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Harrington on Hold’em

Following Dan Harrington’s back-to-back WSOP Main Event final table runs in 2003 and 2004, he published a series of book on both tournaments and cash games. His tournament books, Harrington on Hold’em, were insanely popular and still enjoyed by players today.

These books are great to get you to think broader when playing poker tournaments. For beginners, the Harrington on Hold’em series will up your game and make you competitive in most low to mid-stakes tournaments.

Sit ‘n Go Strategy

A solid read from the mind of Collin Moshman. This book will give you the tools you need to beat single-table poker tournaments. Covering low stakes all the way to high stakes SNGs, this book is great for all skill levels.

The Theory of Poker

This is one of the few books from before the Poker Book that is still relevant to modern players. David Sklansky covers many of the basic concepts of poker play and is an excellent book for learning the theory behind poker.

If you could only have five Texas Hold’em strategy books in your collections, this should be one of your five.

Moorman’s Book of Poker

When the top earner in online poker tournament history decides to write a book, people will read it. Chris Moorman is the biggest winner on PokerStars and in online tournament history with $13 million in earnings.

If you have ever wanted to sit and pick Moorman’s brain but don’t want to pay hundreds or thousands to do so, this is your chance. If you play online poker tournaments or tournaments in general, this is one of the main titles you should have in your collection of Texas Hold’em strategy books.

Super System

This book is considered the bible of Texas Hold’em strategy books despite being first published in the 1970’s. Doyle Brunson put together a who’s who of the poker world from that era to help him cover strategy for most of the popular variants of the time. The book was updated and re-released as Super System II in 2005 with a new cast of characters covering the popular variants.

We will admit that some of the concepts covered in Hold’em are dated compared to the modern era, but there’s still a lot you can take away from this book from Brunson’s decades of experience. Also, if you play other variants this book is still solid for learning other games.

Power Hold’em Strategy

Daniel Negreanu is #1 on Poker’s All-Time Money List. It makes sense that at some point he would write a book on poker strategy. This book covers all aspects of Texas Hold’em from tournaments to cash games.

In addition to Negreanu, you get insight from David Williams, Erick Lindgren, Paul Wasicka, Todd Brunson and Evelyn Ng. Any fan of Negreanu should check this book out.

The Mental Game of Poker

Anyone that plays poker understands that it is predominately a mental game. Jared Tendler and Barry Carter put together a fantastic book covering various concepts to improving the mental side of your game.

These concepts will not only improve your poker game but also your performance in life. This is a recommended read for beginning players or anyone that is looking for “out of the box” ideas for improving your game.

Ace on the River

This isn’t your standard strategy book but rather a book that covers the entire poker lifestyle. Barry Greenstein covers everything poker and living the poker life. Most books will merely tell you how to play poker but Greenstein gives you insight into living the life of a poker player, the pitfalls and how to overcome them.

200 Poker Tells

A lesser known book is a book on poker tells by FBI Agent Joe Navarro. We could have went the route of telling you to read Mike Caro’s book on tells but Navarro gives you a more modern take on reading poker tells by using techniques he learned in the FBI. If you are looking on improving your ability at spotting tells, this is worth checking out.

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