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Let’s face it, times change. New innovations come along that sometimes reshape our lives considerably.

Cell phones, the Internet, heck, for some of us who can remember that long ago, remote control for TV.

Time marches on and as it does, progress is made that usually makes our lives better or easier. The world is evolving and changing, and to borrow a line from REO Speedwagon, “you got to learn to roll with the changes.”

Changes in Sport

The world of sport also evolves with regard to new rules, regulations or innovations that are implemented to hopefully make the games better and more enjoyable for the fans.

Believe it or not, there was a time when the NBA had no three-point shot. Every basket from the floor, except at the foul line, was worth only two points prior to the 1979-80 season. Most everyone would likely agree that the 3-pointer adds a dimension to the game that provides tremendous excitement.

Rule changes in other sports changed the games as well. A quarterback on the run used to be fair game for defenders to demolish anywhere on the field. Now a feet first slide keeps those huge linebackers at bay, lest they be heavily penalized.

Not So Good Changes?

Some changes may or may not be good for the game, depending on personal opinion. I still can’t figure out why the ground cannot cause a fumble in the NFL. Are players not playing and running on the ground? How can you take the ground out of the game?

Don’t even get me started on the designated hitter rule in baseball. I know that I’m in the minority, but each player who bats should be required to wear a glove and defend a position. Prior to 1973, pitchers had to bat in the MLB American League and the game was better that way, any baseball purist will tell you.

Four Color Poker Decks

The latest innovation in the world of poker involves the use of four-colored decks of playing cards at live events. While online poker players have been using them for years – typically, black clubs change to green and red diamonds to blue – the introduction of four color decks is relatively new in the live poker realm.

The European Poker Tour has begun using them for select tournaments at its Malta stop and we may one day see four color decks as a standard practice in live poker. That is, if the response is favorable.

It is easier to distinguish the suits when four colors are used, many will likely agree. Just about every online multi-tabler will tell you so. But, of course, poker purists will point to tradition and may be resistant to change.

PokerUpdate wants to know where players stand on the issue. Please take a moment to answer our one question survey regarding four color decks being used in live poker. Are you ready to roll with the changes?