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While some players claim they play online poker for the “challenge,” most of us play online poker to win money. In the timeless tradition of road gamblers,  poker players are constantly looking for a way to make the most money while playing poker.

Online poker has exploded in the last decade and allowed thousands to make a living by playing poker online. If you’re a new player looking to improve win money at online poker, check out our five ways to boost your win rate in online poker.

Learn to Multi-Table

One way to quickly boost your online poker win rate is to learn how to multi-table. Online poker gives you the unique ability to play multiple tables at one time. This gives you the opportunity to double your hourly win rate or better.

Consider the following. You’re a solid player that wins approximately $25 per hour playing one table of micro-stakes poker. While this is a solid win, what if you could make a similar hourly rate over two, three, four tables or even more? Even if you dropped to $20 per hour per table multi-tabling, that’s $60 per hour if you play just three tables.

If you choose to multi-table, start slowly. Start with two tables and once you master playing two tables at a time, increase by one for as long as you feel comfortable and are able to stay profitable. If you’re game starts to suffer, don’t be afraid to drop tables as needed.

Learn Other Games Than Texas Hold’em

Most online poker players are going to focus exclusively on Texas Hold’em. As a result, online cash games are harder now than they’ve ever been in history. You will notice that many of the game’s top pros do not play NL Hold’em exclusively but compete in other games such as PLO, 8-Game, 2-7 Lowball and others.

Mixed games have grown in popularity over the last few years and there are plenty of fish available in low limit games on many of the major online poker sites. Your best bet would be to start with one game, such as PL Omaha or Omaha Hi-Lo and become proficient in that game before adding another game.

Players that are proficient in multiple forms of poker open up additional revenue streams and are not solely reliant on finding “good” NL Hold’em games.

Dedicate Time for Study and Training

While it is important to put in hours at the table, it is equally important to take time each week to work on your game through study and additional training. When we refer to study, this can take multiple forms but you need to take time to review your sessions and honestly evaluate your play.

Also, consider investing in some type of coaching or maybe setup a peer group with fellow players where you can ask questions and get advice on playing online poker. Research multiple training options, including poker software, and select the one that best suits your game. Then dedicate a few hours each week focused solely on poker training.

Eliminate Distractions While Playing

Many online poker players make the mistake of trying to do a dozen other things while playing poker online. Some like to watch TV or listen to music while others will check Facebook and Twitter, chat on Snapchat or Skype or even hang out with buddies while playing online.

If you want to improve your hourly rate, you need to remove all distractions during the time you’re playing online poker. Even if your distractions seem nominal, they can make the difference in being focused during a key decision and making the wrong pay because you wanted to watch Miley Cyrus twerk.

Play on Multiple Sites

While every online poker site likes to claim they are the best, the quality of games is in constant flux. Depending on when you prefer to play online, you may need to split up your time between multiple sites in order to maximize your rate.

For example, during the weekends you may want to focus exclusively on PokerStars or other major sites as they bring in the majority of traffic. During the week, you may discover that the iPoker network has softer games some days and other sites may have softer Sit & Go’s other days.

Check out multiple sites to see which have the best games and maybe even make schedule. In time, you will figure out which sites are worth your time to frequent and this will result in a higher win rate.

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