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lot has happened within the Big Brother 17 household since our Sunday update article!

Just before the CBS Live Feeds went “dark,” we knew that professional poker player Vanessa Rousso held a controlling interest in how the Final Five played out, but that she would be vulnerable this week since she wouldn’t be able to compete for Head of Household.

We also knew that Big Brother host Julie Chen believed that Rousso should win this season, but could Lady Maverick find a way to save herself from Final 4 eviction?

“Best Big Brother Blindside” in Years

Let’s pick up where we left off Sunday. Vanessa had nominated New York college student Steve Moses and Pennsylvania dentist John McGuire for Final 5 eviction, but Johnny Mac put a wrench in those plans with a Power of Veto victory.

Forced to show her hand, The Pokerness chose Austin Matelson instead of Liz Nolan as a substitute nominee. Austin, a professional wrestler who claimed to have an alter ego named Judas aiding him in the BB compound, was certain he was safe despite being up on the block against Steve.

However, Vanessa secretly petitioned John to cast his vote to evict Austin, meaning Rousso would eventually break the tie as HOH since Liz would vote to evict Steve. Unbeknownst to Austin, he was actually in the cross-hairs of yet another strategic maneuver from the $3.5 million live poker tournament winner.

In what many are calling the “best Big Brother blindside in years,” Rousso sent Austin/Judas packing. The live eviction made for extremely compelling TV… to say the least.

In Tuesday night’s Rob Has a Podcast BB After Show, host Rob Cesternino and guest Brent Wolgamott gleefully reminisced on how a barefoot Austin confidently strolled in front of the cameras for an eviction process he apparently was unaware of.

Once Austin was notified that he was formally out, his surprise quickly turned into disgust — spitefully notifying Rousso, “You can’t win this game” as he exited through the front door with a dramatic slam.

The moment was Tweeted by RHAP correspondent Taran Armstrong, who obviously enjoyed the betrayal broadcast live to a nationwide audience.

For Big Brother fans who have followed the show all season long, you are aware that Vanessa and Austin formed one of the very first alliances which eventually turned into Sixth Sense. Perhaps pro wrestler Austin could take a page from Rousso’s playbook the next time he executes his finishing move, which is called… you guessed it, The Betrayal.

Rousso Saves Herself with Final 4 Power of Veto Win

With a much-chagrined Austin Matelson on his way to the Jury House, the Big Brother Live Feeds began casting once again in anticipation of Wednesday night’s Final 4 eviction. The back-to-back format is due to Thursday Night Football which will feature Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos visiting the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Live Feeds have revealed that Steve won the Final 4 HOH and immediately put Vanessa and John up on the block. However, Rousso was able to secure her spot in the Final 3 with a clutch POV victory.

Not only does this mean that the 32-year old Las Vegas resident is one step closer to claiming the $500,000 cash prize for winning Big Brother 17, it also places Rousso in the enviable position of casting the sole vote on whether to evict John or replacement nominee Liz Wednesday.

On top of that, she will be eligible to compete against Steve and the remaining player for the Final 3 HOH competition to be televised Sunday.

The Big Brother 17 Finale will air Wednesday, September 23 on CBS. The show will be 90 minutes and end just in time for the premier of Survivor: Cambodia.

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