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Back in June, Doug Polk launched his Youtube channel to showcase highlights from his various Twitch streams. While those are certainly entertaining in their own right, his best videos to this point are his weekly “PolkerNews” videos discussing various hot topics on 2+2 forums.

Polk is combining news, gossip and witty humor to produce one of the best poker video products that we’ve seen in a while. Continue reading to learn more about why we think that Doug Polk and PolkerNews could be the next big thing of poker media.

He Appears to Have No Fear in Discussing the Issues

I personally appreciate the fact that Polk doesn’t appear to have any fear whatsoever when it comes to discussing the hot topics of the week or calling out certain poker pros or companies.

It is not secret that many poker media members will hold their tongue about certain topics or refrain from speaking out against certain companies for fear of retaliation or losing business.

With Polk, he doesn’t appear to have this fear and this allows him to speak freely about what is bugging him. He has regularly spoken out against PokerStars and their rake changes and recently called out Daniel Negreanu asking where the “mind blowing promotions” were that he promised the poker world last year.

If you missed that video, here is a link directly to that segment. (We get a giggle every time we watch the “heads-up” segment.)


His Comedy Bits Are Gold – Thankfully Not Jamie Gold

There are so many people out there that think they are funny or that the content they are putting out is comedy genius, much like how people think that Seinfeld is actually funny.

Polk’s brand of smartass humor is pointed, at times unexpected and guaranteed to make you smile. If you have watched his Twitch streams or the highlights on his Youtube channel, you know much of it comes naturally. It enhances the overall product and keeps fans coming back week after week.

Can Polk Achieve Somerville Like Success on Youtube?

Jason Somerville is easily Twitch’s most popular poker streamer and the standard bearer for success on the medium. One has to wonder whether Polk will be able to enjoy similar success on Youtube and based on how his channel is doing thus far, it is entirely possible.


Jason Somerville Signs Two-Year Agreement with Twitch

Doug Polk Returns to Joey Ingram’s Podcast

Polk already has 3,840 subscribers on his channel and his PolkerNews videos are averaging between 11k and 35k views. Not too bad for someone that hasn’t even been posting videos two months yet.

With a combination of news, gossip and sarcasm, Doug Polk is making new fans daily with his PolkerNews videos. These videos will certainly continue to improve as Polk refines the product.

If are not already doing so, click here to access Doug Polk’s Youtube channel and to subscribe. When you want to stay on top of the important issues in the poker world, turn to PolkerNews.

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