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If you’re a poker pro, you dream about having your face plastered throughout the poker media during the summer. That typically means that you’re doing well at the World Series of Poker or other big event going on in Las Vegas.

Of course, some photos are not as flattering as others. That’s just a hazard of being in the public eye. Then again, there are photos out there that some players either have completely forgotten about or wish would go away.

We’ve done a little digging and found some photos of various popular pros from the past and present. Some are funny. Some are adorable. Some involve horses and camels. Below are 11 (actually 12) of the best.

It’s easy to see why Daniel Negreanu was dubbed “kid poker,” but what’s up with the mockneck hipster look?

Daniel Negreanu Mockneck


In the photo below, the immortal Chip Reese is looking more like a 70’s High School QB than one of poker’s all-time greats.

Chip Reese


Remember that freak accident that took effectively ended Doyle Brunson’s basketball career? Apparently, that wasn’t enough to stop him from suiting up for team picture day.



Speaking of Brunson, remember how he wrote Super System, aka the Bible of poker? How funny is it seeing him sitting at a table reading up on how to play Razz?

doyle brunson


Admit it guys, how many times have you looked for hot photos of Liv Boeree online? However, you probably won’t find a cuter photo of her anywhere. (She was 3.)

Liv Boeree


Every great poker legend started as a kid that didn’t get enough sleep the night before and went to school half asleep. And check Phil Ivey’s FRO!!!

Phil Ivey

Credit: Phil Ivey Twitter

And one day, a great light shined down upon Allen Kessler. He looked up saying, “Yes Lord?” The Lord said, “Hold three and draw for the Royal on the progressive.” Allen said, “But I’m in the Omaha tournament Lord.” He went, “That’s OK. You’ll have another bad beat story shortly.”

Allen Kessler

Credit: James Guill

What happens when gamers finally grow up and have to get a real job? Some just transition over to poker. Remember this former CounterStrike player?

Griffin Benger

Remember those scary shirtless photos of Phil Hellmuth from a few years ago. No, we would not dare submit you through that torture. However, we did find an interesting one that PokerListings put up of Negreanu. You’re welcome ladies.

Daniel Negreanu on a bike


Oh, and what the heck is up with female poker players posing with camels, and I don’t mean the cigarette.

Maria Ho


Liv Boeree

Credit: Liv Boeree Twitter

Finally, remember how Phil Ivey almost never seems to smile. He was certainly smiling after his win in a 2002 Stud Event. Go back to staring Phil.

Phil Bracelet 2002 Stud

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