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If you play poker long enough, odds are that at one time or another a situation will arise that may cause you a bit of embarrassment.

Attempting that stone-cold bluff and getting called, misreading your hand and betting big on what turns out to be a weak hand, accidentally acting out of turn. And what online poker player has never misclicked, losing a ton of chips or cash in a crucial situation?

Those embarrassments happen to the best of us, with the reasons often attributable to fatigue, inattention, poor play, or a happy trigger finger on our mouse. Red-faced and wishing for a do-over, we must simply laugh at our own imperfections and soldier on.

Sometimes poker players find themselves in embarrassing situations that have nothing at all to do with winning or losing a poker hand. Let’s take a look at a few such moments.

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

Dan “Jungleman” Cates is well known for finding his way through tournament fields and staying the course while scooping pots at the cash game tables. But those poker skills didn’t come in handy when attempting to take a flight to San José del Cabo in Mexico.

Cates was aiming to play online poker in Mexico, but somehow ended up at the airport in San Jose, California. The unexpected detour was undoubtedly an embarrassment for Jungleman, who did eventually make it to his intended destination, perhaps a little worse for wear, but with extra frequent flyer miles under his belt.

Big Dog Likes Porn

What red-blooded male has never clicked his way over to a porn site and viewed the action for a minute or two? Whatever one does in the privacy of one’s own home should not be reason for embarrassment as long as no one gets hurt.

However, if you’re a poker pro who live streams and has a following on Twitch, it’s a good idea to make sure to log out of Twitch before viewing porn. Casey “Big Dog” Jarzabek accidentally failed to do so, showing his followers a passion for “bondage and simulated dominant sex.” A ban from Twitch was eventually lifted and Jarzabek returned. It is unknown how “hard” he had to plead his case.

“P” Stands for Prop Bet

Antonio Esfandiari embarrassed himself by peeing in a container under a table at the PCA because many hours of “lunging” rendered him incapable of making it to the restroom. The lunging was done in order to win a $50,000 prop bet.

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The Magician was rightly disqualified from the event, apologized many times over, and donated his prop bet winnings to charity. Let’s be thankful that the call of nature was not of the bowel movement variety.

Black Out

David “Lefty” Diaz was also disqualified from a tournament and suffered the further indignation of a one-year suspension from all Caesars properties in 2013 after getting “drunk and harassing people at Carnival Court.” Problem was, Diaz was so inebriated that he couldn’t remember any of his offensive actions.

Fellow players came to his defense, asking the Rio to reconsider the ban. The suspension stood, causing Diaz to “go back home and check out what my values were,” he stated. Diaz has since gotten back on track, cashing for almost half a million, including a victory at the 2015 Isle Open for over $134,000.

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