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Twitch Poker has had a breakout year in 2015. Tens of thousands of viewers tune-in to watch top-tier live streaming personalities Jason Somerville, Jaime Staples, and Joey Ingram.

The entrepreneurial format of Twitch has piqued the interest of many online poker players this year, many of whom are attempting to monetize their live play and commentary via $4.99 monthly subscriptions, advertising revenue and in-stream donations.

In this article, we take a look at five poker personalities who could be just months from breaking through into the top echelon of Twitch Poker live streaming.

Darius Wajda (KomodoDragonJesus)

Darius Wajda is a 26-year old Canadian who, unlike many Twitch Poker streamers, holds down a full time job outside of poker. His duties as a structural analyst only allow him a few hours per week to play online, but he makes the most of that time

Darius Wajda Twitch large image

What’s unique about “komododragonjesus” is that he primarily streams cash games rather than Multi Table Tournaments (MTTs). He’s up roughly $75,000 as a recreational player in $100 and $200 buy-in No Limit Hold’em Games on PokerStars.

Wajda attracts between 300-500 concurrent viewers on a regular basis, with 6,500 Followers, 145,000 Total Views, and a revenue-split $4.99 subscription option for those who would like to support his channel.


Referred to as “AJ” by his close friends, the AdrianFeniXx Twitch Channel has accumulated 323,000 Total Views, 11,200 Followers, and averages 300-500 concurrent views whenever he’s on air.

Another cash game specialist from Canada (currently living in Montreal), Adrian has access to the Rest of World (RoW) market player base available on sites like PokerStars.

AdrianFeniXx Twitch

His channel’s content focuses on live online poker play with hand history reviews following his sessions, along with some high-stakes rail commentary. Regardless of what is being discussed, Adrian is one of the most entertaining poker live streamers who cast regularly.

He also employs a 50/50 revenue-share subscription plan with Twitch for $4.99 as well a a direct support donation platform.

Beata Jambrik (WildHungarian)

The WildHungarian Twitch Channel doesn’t stream live as often as it used to, but Jambrik is a force to be reckoned with whenever she’s on air. A low-stakes recreational poker player, the Budapest resident is great at responding to live chat and does special song requests for her subscribers.

WildHungarian Twitch

Her channel currently has 5,450 Followers, 136,700 Total Views, and is one of the popular choices among top-tier Twitch Poker streamers who “host” another show after their stream has completed.

Viewers can support her Twitch streaming efforts via subscriptions or donations.

Dutch Boyd

Dutch Boyd holds three World Series of Poker bracelets and has total live poker tournament earnings of nearly $2.5 million according to The Hendon Mob database. His poker exploits are well-documented and he was the founder of The Crew in late 2003, which counted Scott Fischman and Bret Jungblut among its members.

The often controversial personality attracts hundreds of concurrent viewers to his Twitch streams, has close to 11,000 Followers and more than 205,000 Total Views. What’s amazing about this feat is that Boyd plays regulated online poker from the state of Nevada on

dutch boyd twitch 2

Player fields and tournament prizes are typically far less than what they are on RoW poker sites, yet fans from across the globe tune-in to watch Boyd’s single-table action and live commentary. Viewers can support his Twitch channel through $4.99 monthly subscriptions or direct donations.

Alex Fitzgerald (TheAssassinato)

Although still relatively young, Alex Fitzgerald is a veteran of the online poker community. He’s worked his way up from low stakes games to big time success that enabled his move to Costa Rica following the events of Black Friday.

His TheAssassinato Twitch Channel can easily get more than 1,000 concurrent viewers during a major tournament final table. He has 4,300 Followers, 113,000 Total Views, and a thriving poker coaching business that has flourished due to his reputation as the premier online poker coach in the business.

Alex Fitzgerald Twitch

Fitzgerald was kind enough to do a one-on-one interview with PokerUpdate several months ago. The 6′ 2″ poker star is one of the most widely syndicated poker talents worldwide with approximately $3.17 million in career virtual poker tournament cashes.

There are various ways of supporting Alex’s Twitch streaming endeavors. You can subscribe monthly for $4.99, donate directly, or visit one of the many links he has listed within his Twitch channel.

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