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Thanks to a special blend of poker-related talents, business ventures, a unique personality and his successful run as a leading ambassador for the game, coming up with a figure for Daniel Negreanu’s net worth is currently calculated on a number of websites that focus their content around such matters.

A quick search reveals that websites believe poker’s all-time tournament money leader is worth anywhere between $12 million and $50 million, although we’ll speculate here at PokerUpdate that the number is on the higher end of that range, if it doesn’t surpass it.

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Negreanu’s tale provides many interesting tidbits as he “came of age” during the poker boom. What started out as a KidPoker persona whose adorable mother accompanied him to live events (even preparing meals for her son) has morphed into a more mature, business savvy poker personality over the years.

Daniel Negreanu has career live poker tournament cashes that currently total $30.68 million, and include a runner-up performance in the 2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop for $8.29 million. The native Canadian is the main Team PokerStars Pro who utilizes his personality to promote everything from the game of poker to personal viewpoints.

How Can Poker Players Increase Their Own Net Worth?

Traditional equity-based poker decisions are the clearest way for one to move up in stakes and compete for the big bucks available at the tables. Correctly identifying positive Expected Value situations and exploiting them repeatedly will slowly boost your poker bankroll if you’re able to overcome factors such as tilt and poor bankroll management.

Check out these tips on How to Become a Successful Poker Grinder for more information on raising your chances of becoming a pro poker player.

Although there are very few poker site sponsorship opportunities available for poker players today, there are definitely other methods for increasing your poker net worth.

Live Streaming via Twitch or YouTube Gaming

Twitch Poker Live Streaming caught fire in 2015, and there are several poker players who have taken advantage of the platform to generate revenue from their shows. The top Twitch poker live streamers at this time are Jason Somerville and Jaime Staples.

YouTube Gaming — even if it doesn’t have a dedicated Poker category — is another platform to monetize your poker skills and live cast ability.

To be successful in the live streaming venue, you’ll need to generate a minimum of 500 concurrent viewers, with an average of 1,500 CVs for a near-daily show in order to convert your ratings into a modest full-time income.

Promote The Game of Poker Whenever You Can

Poker, poker sites, poker events, and the poker industry all benefit from promotional efforts that are aimed at attracting new players to the game. Poker is facing plenty of obstacles as this article is being written: legalization and regulation efforts, a dwindling recreational player base, and fierce competition from video games.

Global Poker League Director Alex Dreyfus is one of the driving forces in moving poker in a unique direction — banking a hefty investment on the 2016 GPL which will boast a soundproof playing arena dubbed The Cube.

As an up-and-coming poker player, you’ll want to become involved in promoting the game when the opportunity arises. This promotion can range from inviting social media friends to compete at online poker sites to discussing local live events within forum communities.

Generate a Formidable Social Media Following

In the past, social media followings were difficult (if not impossible) to calculate in terms of potential revenue. Even if a personality had hundreds of thousands of followers, there were few ways to monetize such a following.

This has changed significantly due to Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and other means of drawing an income from a large fan base. It may take some time to organically grow a large social media following, but once you have achieved this the opportunities for turning it into real money are constantly arising.

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Putting thought into how to best manage your poker play and poker-related activities is the first step to placing your net worth on an upward trajectory. Take a business-like approach to your poker play and who knows… you could be the next Daniel Negreanu, Jason Somerville, or Jaime Staples.

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