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With only six houseguests remaining in the Big Brother 17 compound, professional poker player Vanessa Rousso is poised to make the Final Five and have a legitimate shot at the $500,000 first place prize.

What’s more, Big Brother host Julie Chen told Entertainment Weekly Friday that Lady Maverick “should win” the competition, but that a golden opportunity to split up the twin alliance was missed last week.

“Vanessa really made the big mistake in not using this opportunity to convince Steve and John to vote out Julia and make them think it was their idea,” Chen told EW.

However, that sentiment wasn’t shared by Rob Has a Podcast guests Ian Terry (Big Brother Season 14 winner) and Brent Wolgamott (of YouTube “casino slot machine wins” fame).

Both opined that “going along with the household” and not nominating one of the Austwins was the best strategy for the remaining players. That Google Hangout from Thursday night can be seen here.

Week 11 Head of Household Competition

For those who have already watched Sunday night’s Big Brother show, you know that New York college student Steve Moses won the Week 11 HOH Competition. With only six still eligible to win, Moses did not hesitate to nominate “showmance” players Liz and Austin.

Putting those two up on the block has resulted in the first meaningful threat to the Austwins alliance since it was formed over a month ago.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Spoilers

Plenty of drama has played out on the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds since that HOH contest. For one, professional wrestler Austin Matelson has won the Week 11 Power of Veto (to be aired Wednesday, September 9. This means he will have the option of removing himself from risk of eviction or saving his sweetheart, identical twin Liz Nolan.

To most viewers’ surprise, it appears that Austin will indeed save himself, as he had an opportunity to “throw” the POV to Julia Nolan and opted not to. This initially caused a huge rift in the alliance, but as of Sunday Night’s live feeds it seems that the twins have somewhat come to terms with Austin’s POV victory.

If Austin does save himself, then Steve Moses would be forced to nominate another houseguest to face eviction alongside Liz. That player would most likely be her twin Julia, but anything can happen in the Big Brother household.

Vanessa Rousso Poised to Make Final Five

For her part, “The Pokerness” is in a much better position than many thought, as she has “Final Two” deals with all remaining hosueguests except Liz. Although Liz is the conventional choice for eviction because she is the catalyst to the Austwins alliance, Live Feeds show that Julia might be the person shown the door during Thursday night’s CBS telecast.

There is still an outside chance that Rousso could be a backdoor nomination this week, but if that does not happen, she will be guaranteed a Final Five spot in Big Brother 17.

The next Big Brother episodes air this Wednesday and Thursday on CBS.

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