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Poker live streaming has taken off in 2015, with thousands of viewers routinely watching their favorite poker-related cast at any given time.

Here is a look at the Top 5 poker personalities who have taken live streaming by storm in 2015.

Jason Somerville (jcarver) — Twitch: jcarverpoker

Jason SomervilleSomerville is a WSOP bracelet holder who also cashed for $1.34 million last year in the Las Vegas $100,000 buy-in Super High Roller tournament. However, it’s jcarver’s on-air personality which has made his RunItUp show such a hit with poker live streaming fans worldwide.

The 28 year old native New Yorker (who now resides in Canada) had already made a name for himself as a TV personality in 2014, but kicked it into high gear earlier this year with a 90-day Twitch Poker live stream commitment sponsored by PokerStars.

Somerville’s one-table action keeps viewers’ eyes glued to their monitors through poker insight, reality TV show gossip and MMA updates, along with an assortment of other trending topics. He has been able to maintain a consistent concurrent viewer rate of over 5,000 for his daily casts — often eclipsing 10,000 during big online tournament series.

Joe Ingram (chicagojoey) — YouTube: joeingram1

To say that Joe Ingram is a legend in the online poker community is not an overstatement. The professional high stakes Pot Limit Omaha player has been a live streaming sensation since 2014, but has also skyrocketed in popularity this year through his various interviews.

Joe Ingram chicagojoey

Ingram, who is known as “chicagojoey” online, utilizes Google Hangouts to live stream his shows, which have included personalities such as poker’s all-time tournament money winner Daniel Negreanu, inaugural Big One for One Drop winner Antonio Esfandiari, and Raising for Effective Giving Co-Founder Igor Kurganov.

Perhaps the best indicator of Ingram’s popularity among the poker community can be found in this 160-page thread on

Jaime Staples (PokerStaples) — Twitch: PokerStaples

Jaime Staples PokerStaplesHow do you go from a relatively unknown professional online poker player to one of the hottest live streaming attractions on the Internet? In Jaime Staples’ case, you cultivate a loyal following through near-daily live streams while focusing highly on viewer feedback.

PokerStaples is an e-cigarette-smoking Canadian whose star power has soared in 2015  — so much in fact that he recently signed as a “Friend of PokerStars” who can now be seen alongside poker celebs at live table streams when he’s not casting his own program.

Jaime is an outwardly friendly personality who takes care of his viewers — not to mention a successful online poker player who can routinely be seen at the final table of mid-to-high stakes tournaments on PokerStars.

Vanessa Rousso (LadyMaverick) — Twitter: @VanessaRousso

Vanessa Rousso Big Brother 17 with glassesRousso may not have been considered a top TV personality in past years, but her live broadcast stock has taken off due to her stellar performance in Big Brother 17. Many casual fans of the show catch only the thrice-a-week nationally televised “episodes,” but hardcore fans know that a lot of the major action can be found via the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Some Rousso fans were unsure how her career would be affected when she parted ways with PokerStars earlier this year. Never fear… her loyal fan base has multiplied several times over thanks to her successful navigation through the first six weeks of Big Brother 17.

Vanessa Rousso has $3.5 million in live poker tournament cashes over the past decade, and we’re hopeful she’ll have another $500,000 to take home as the Big Brother 17 champion.

Alex Fitzgerald (Assassinato) — Twitch: TheAssassinato

Alex Fitzgerald TwitterI could have told our readers 10 years ago that Alex Fitzgerald would become one of the most successful online poker players in the world, but I also could have told you 20 years ago that cellular phones weren’t going to catch on. One out of two ain’t bad.

Now in his late 20s, “Assassinato” is the premier poker coach on the live streaming platform, with hundreds of paying subscribers/students who are more than happy to support a TV personality who can explain complicated poker concepts in a down-to-earth fashion.

Fitzgerald, who resides in Costa Rica, has his hands in a lot of business deals. Live poker training, pre-recorded webinars, an online poker site sponsorship… even battle rap contests. Alex comes across as 100% genuine, which is a huge asset for today’s top poker live streaming stars.

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