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Just as it appeared that time may be running out for professional poker player Vanessa Rousso and her run on Big Brother 17, The Pokerness pulled out a critical Head of Household victory and is guaranteed to make it to the final seven.

Vanessa’s Week 10 win was televised to millions Sunday night, and showed returning houseguest John McGuire refusing to make a deal with the $3.5 million live tournament winner before he slipped and came in second.

Austwins Not Nominated

Many may have been surprised when Rousso nominated James and Meg for Week 10 eviction with no apparent backdoor plan. Identical twins Liz and Julia along with professional wrestler Austin have a very tight bond and stand to effectively control almost half the household votes once the Week 10 eviction has been decided.

From a practical standpoint, James does appear to be a legitimate threat to win Big Brother 17 because of his ability to win competitions, but Meg has not shown a lot of strength in that category. Through Sunday’s CBS telecast, it looks as if Rousso is sticking with her Austwins alliance for at least another week.

However, there is a second Double Eviction scheduled for Thursday, meaning two houseguests will be out the door (with no chance of returning) by Friday.

Live Feed Spoilers

For Big Brother 17 fans who subscribe to the Live Feeds or read the latest social media posts, you know that James has already won the Week 10 Power of Veto competition — meaning he can save himself from Week 10 eviction.

If he chooses to do so, Vanessa will be forced to nominate another houseguest among Liz, Julia, Austin, John and Steve. Live feed transmissions as of Sunday night suggest that the replacement nominee is likely to be Steve or Julia, but anything can happen between now and then.

End Game in Sight

Following Thursday night’s Double Eviction, there will only be six houseguests remaining with a shot at the $500,000 first place prize. Assuming Lady Maverick survives the second eviction, it would place her only a few steps away from the end game, which she is obviously planning on making with at least one if not two members of the Austwins alliance.

Rousso will not be able to participate in the next HOH competition, and could find herself up on the block during the second half of Thursday’s telecast if the alliance turns sour. Otherwise, her chances of making the final 6 could be good since a non-Austwins HOH would probably nominate two members for eviction.

Stay tuned for James’ Power of Veto victory Wednesday and find out who gets evicted Thursday night on CBS!


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