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Professional poker player Vanessa Rousso is guaranteed to survive another week in the Big Brother Season 17 household thanks to her Week 9 Power of Veto victory. Big Brother fans who subscribe to the Live Feeds have already witnessed her victory in the “face morph” POV competition.

This week’s Head of Household, Austin Matelson, was revealed during Sunday night’s episode. He nominated John McGuire and Steve Moses to be evicted later this week, meaning Rousso will have the final say on whether those two nominations stand.

Las Vegas resident Rousso is now faced with a lame-duck decision due to her Austwins alliance with the professional wrestler and identical twins Liz and Julia.

For the Big Brother 17 player who has most vocally attempted to not get “blood on her hands,” it appears that Rousso will have another week to contemplate how to place herself in the best position for eventual victory. Current HOH Austin would have the responsibility of nominating another houseguest if Vanessa decides to use her POV powers.

Twins Hold All The Cards

Identical twins Liz and Julia Nolan practically have a stranglehold on the competition at this point, controlling nearly half of the entire household due to Austin’s crush on Liz. Even with the anticipated return of a Jury Member coming on this Thursday’s CBS episode, the Austwins alliance will still hold 37.5% of the remaining players’ votes as a result of this week’s eviction.

For Vanessa to have a chance to win Big Brother 17, she (or another houseguest outside the twins’ alliance) will have to win next week’s Head of Household competition and find a way to evict a member of one of the most powerful ally trios in Big Brother history

Emotions Pour From “The Pokerness”

Despite having been in numerous critical real-life poker situations for the past decade, Rousso has had to battle through her own emotions in recent Big Brother televised episodes. The remaining contestants have been in the BB household for nearly 70 days, which can easily take its toll on all players.

Vanessa’s paranoia is likely related to the fact that no player who is still in the hunt for the $500,000 first place prize (other than Liz, Julia or Austin) has a realistic shot at victory without eliminating two-thirds or all of the aforementioned alliance. The clock is ticking, and time is running out.

In a recent YouTube after show interview with thestreamtv, Big Brother Season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur of Rhode Island had plenty to say about Rousso’s effort on the nationally televised show. Calling Vanessa the “smartest” surviving houseguest, the Rhode Island police officer suggested that Lady Maverick take some time to herself to collect her emotions.

“She can win it. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t be able to still pull this out if she just goes back to what she was doing the first couple of weeks,” said Levasseur.

Week 10 HOH Could Result in Checkmate

Although a week away, the prospects of survival for Rousso and others hinge on winning the Week 10 HOH competition. If Liz or Julia find themselves in control once again, the result would be disastrous for anyone else’s chance. Big Brother rules stipulate that reigning HOH Austin will not be able to compete for repeat status this week.

To this point, retail associate James Huling of Wichita Falls, Texas, seems to be the only “player” who could be counted on to make the hypothetical decision of nominating two members of the Austwins alliance for eviction.

Watch Vanessa Rousso’s ongoing Big Brother performance this Wednesday and Thursday on CBS. The next two episodes will be televised at 8:00pm and 9:00pm respectively.

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