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Customized news feeds have become a global facet in the everyday lives of anyone who has an opinion on any topic, and is compelled to share that opinion. Poker is no exception. Here is a list of some of the biggest poker personalities who have acquired a massive and/or loyal following.

Daniel Negreanu — @RealKidPoker — Twitter Followers: 369,000

The all-time poker tournament money leader and headline Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu publishes his bite-size opinions on a wide variety of topics. He is read by more than 369,000 individuals or businesses that include his thoughts in their minute-by-minute Twitter news feed.

Whether it’s an update on his status in the WSOP Main Event or a quick note to fans that he is about to stream a game of Hearthstone live on Twitch, the 41-year old Canadian can’t get enough of Twitter… and his followers can’t get enough of him!

Only a year has passed since PokerStars posted its now-famous Poker Pros Social Currency ratings. Since then, KidPoker’s Twitter following has increased by more than 20 percent.

Dan Bilzerian — @DanBilzerian — Twitter Followers: 1,230,000

The juiciest fan-created gossip related to the so-called King of Instagram Dan Bilzerian don’t come close in entertainment value when stacked against this high stakes poker pro’s self-told stories.

Aside from his massive Twitter following, this 34-year old poker pro, actor and philanthropist is ranked #31 worldwide on Instagram according to a recent article by Business Insider — making him more popular than Shakira, Lady Gaga and Floyd “Money” Mayweather on that platform.

There’s little mystery to the personal life exploits of Dan Bilzerian, but if you ever want to listen to a great summary of those triumphs and epic fails, listen to this June 22, 2014 interview with Howard Stern.

Phil Ivey — @philivey — Twitter Followers: 920,000

Regarded by many as the best poker player on the planet, Phil Ivey may not be the most active poker personality on Twitter, but he sure is one of the most followed.

Many believe that the stone-faced high stakes poker pro is providing few Twitter updates due to ongoing legal battles with the Borgata New Jersey and Crockfords London casinos that revolve around edge-sorting.

However, Ivey has a reputation as being measured (some would even say “reclusive”) when it comes to the access he grants both fans and media representatives. Regardless, the 39-year old, 10-time WSOP bracelet winner is a Twitter powerhouse.

Liv Boeree — @Liv_Boeree — Twitter Followers: 106,000

A Team PokerStars Pro with supermodel looks, Liv Boeree captured headlines in April 2010 when she won the EPT San Remo Main Event for roughly $1.7 million. At only 31 years of age, this University of Manchester graduate has accomplished more in poker than most will in a lifetime.

The 100,000-plus Boeree Twitter followers receive frequent reminders of her love for animals along with updates on Raising for Effective Giving (REG) — a charity she co-founded with Igor Kurganov last year.

Boeree should also receive credit for introducing many of her poker fans to the Vine social media platform via her 6-second swimsuit video in February 2014. The clip is quickly approaching 71,000 “loops.”

Phil Hellmuth — @phil_hellmuth — Twitter Followers: 226,000

Phil Hellmuth is the all-time leading WSOP bracelet winner with 14 as of this year’s Series. Known as The Poker Brat by both his fans and detractors, Hellmuth’s Twitter updates range from selfies to promotion of charity events.

Take away the huge ego and you have one of the most successful (and longest running) poker players in the history of the game. Include the ego and you have all that plus one of the most polarizing figures to ever go all-in at a poker table… the total package so to speak.

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