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The Walking Dead is one of the most popular dramas on cable TV right now and while it is between seasons, fans are still getting their walker fix via Fear the Walking Dead. Since it will be a few months before we find out who Neegan just turned into human compost, we figured we would give you a nice little crossover piece between poker and the Walking Dead.

Poker players and poker pros have traits of characters on the Walking Dead, for better or worse. Today we present you some comparison between the poker world and the world of the Walking Dead.

The Walkers – Post Boom Amateurs

Thanks to the Poker Boom in the early 2000’s, millions of amateurs around the world started to flood live and online poker rooms. If you put those players together, it was like a walker hoard coming at the poker world.

And in the early years of the Boom, it had much of the same effect. Sure, there were players making a ton of money but there were just so many amateurs that at some point they would still get overrun.

The World Series of Poker was a great example. For several years, the lion’s share of the bracelets was going to the amateurs and it took a few years for the pros to adapt.

walking dead walkers

Modern Pros – Survivors / Survivor Camps

Your modern pros are akin to the survivor camps or the random kick ass survivors that you meet in the world of the Walking Dead. Some stick to their own game plan and find a way to survive in the ever-evolving world of poker while others come together as a community.

Those communities range just like in the Walking Dead. On one hand, you have some communities that have no problem fighting and are able to take on most challenges, a’la Rick Grimes’ group. Then you have other groups that are surviving but might not be quite as talented. They lack fighters like the hilltop group.

Then you have the mega-teams like the Saviors. They team up and use their collective powers to dominate the poker world and take out anyone they can. It doesn’t matter who they hurt. Just ask Isildur1 what it feels like to have a group of people team up on you to take every dime you have online.

the saviors walking dead

Daniel Negreanu – Neegan

Daniel Negreanu is the top dog in poker right now. Phil Ivey did hold that spot but he’s cooled off over the last couple of years. Negreanu doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, meaning that he won’t be relinquishing the top spot on Poker’s All-Time Money list without a fight.

Right now, the top dog in the world of the Walking Dead is Neegan. The leader of the Saviors is going to turn the series upside down, and those who have read the comics know a little of what’s to come. Daniel Negreanu is poker’s equivalent to Neegan, and with that beard grown out, he is even beginning to look like him.

We’re not saying that Daniel is going around killing people for fun, but he does stack players at the table like they’ve stole his chips. He uses his stack in much the same way that Neegan uses Lucille on Abraham’s head at the end of Season 6.

neegan the walking dead

Editors Note: James is the one predicting that Abraham is the one killed by Neegan. After getting caught by the Saviors two episodes in a row, it should be Eugene that gets his skull crushed. No, we are not biased but how do you get caught twice in a row and the second time in a moving RV?!?

Kathy Liebert – Carol

When thinking about which female poker pro would be closest to the Walking Dead’s borderline psychotic ass-kicker, Kathy Liebert kept coming to mind. They are likely similar in age and both seem to be similar in temperament. They have evolved to survive in a male dominated world and have become a predator in a world where they would be mistaken as prey.

Do I expect Kathy to sew an machine gun into her coat and take out her opponents at the table? Of course not. However, in the right situation she will leave stacks as decimated as Carol did the Saviors in Season 6.

carol the walking dead

Vanessa Selbst – Michonne

Who is the most feared woman in poker right now, capable of slicing stacks in two with the efficiency of Michonne’s katana? Vanessa Selbst of course. No woman in modern poker history is more dominant than Selbst and there are few men that have accomplished what she has in a few short years.

We can almost see Selbst walking through the poker room with two Walker pets, but instead they are decked out in poker attire. Like Michonne in the Walking Dead, Selbst is the one woman you don’t want to mess with at the poker table.

michonne walking dead

By the way, what was Michonne’s occupation prior to the Walker Apocalypse? That’s right, she was a lawyer. (In the comics anyway.)

Dan Bilzerian – Abraham

We can totally see Dan Bilzerian riding through the Walker Apocalypse with his massive guns looking to something to shoot, or some woman to mix some Bisquick with. (If you don’t get the reference, watch the last season over again.)

Moreover, if our prediction is correct, that means that Daniel Negreanu (Neegan) just killed off Bilzerian (Abraham) at the end of the season.

abraham the walking dead

Editors Note: We don’t care if the predictions say that Glenn is the one who dies.

Jason Somerville – Daryl Dixon

In the world of poker, there are few people with more general popularity than Jason Somerville thanks to his work on Twitch. If he were to leave Twitch, poker players would riot much in the same way that Walking Dead fans will riot if Daryl Dixon was to be killed off the TV show.

Can you imagine Somerville going through the poker room with a crossbow? Maybe not a real one, but if he brought in a Nerf crossbow, there would be probably a couple dozen prop bets on his accuracy with the thing.

daryl walking dead

Editors Note: We do not condone shooting Nerf crossbows at the WSOP. However, if you do so and send us a picture, we will gladly post it.

Fabian Quoss – Rick Grimes

It took a while to come up with a good Rick Grimes but PokerUpdate presenter Robbie Strazynski recommended Fabian Quoss as a possibility. Granted, we don’t think that Quoss will go as psychotic as Rick can on Walkers, Terminus Cannibals or others that threaten his clan, but he does have that epic beard.

However, do any of us really know what we will do when we’re pushed to our limits? When it is fight or die, will we stand up and fight or will we run away and hide. Quoss doesn’t strike us as the run away and hide type.

rick the walking dead

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