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forumOnline poker forums can either be the crux of a website or a part of a larger portal that offers a variety of poker information. Poker players and fans use them for a number of reasons but generally as a place to share thoughts about poker hands, players, rumors, strategy, companies, tournaments, and other news.

Over the course of poker’s history with the Internet, online poker forums have also been the place where many friendships begin and players improve their skills. They have an enormous impact on the game and its players.

The most popular online poker forum is Two Plus Two (2+2). The site is centered on the forums, which include topics and subtopics for poker players at every level, places to discuss news and rumors, and information about nearly everything that happens in the industry.

PocketFives is an online poker rankings site, but the forums are second in popularity only to 2+2. Players from around the world gather on those forums to discuss everything about online poker, including rankings of players and their own accomplishments. PokerSchoolOnline is a site that used to be owned by PokerPages but is now a part of the PokerStars family. Its main focus is poker education and training, but the forum has long been a place for players to discuss those lessons and get to know each other.

Many poker news sites and training companies (like Ivey League and Drag the Bar) also offer online poker forums for player discussions.

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Of the many uses for them, these are the most frequently used:


One of the best ways to improve as a poker player is to seek opinions on poker hands and hand histories. Forums offer the perfect place to post a hand or series of hands and request advice or opinions. In addition, many poker players enjoy offering advice and opinions as it forces them to examine hands and think more deeply about various aspects of the game.


Poker players who aren’t surrounded by poker playing friends often take to the forums to ask for advice on topics ranging from the rake of a poker room to withdrawal times from online poker sites. If a player wants to travel to the next WPT stop but wonders about the cash games at that casino, other players on the forum can weigh in with opinions. If a player wants to know if others are having trouble logging on to a particular site, they can ask around. Forums are great question-and-answer places.


While poker news websites offer articles about the latest news of the industry, online poker forums allow for discussions of those issues. If an online poker site is closing and players have questions about withdrawing their funds, a forum is the best place to find others with that information who are willing to share it.

In addition, many online poker companies now have forum representatives who spend time in forums to answer questions about big changes and happenings with their company.


The online poker forum is the single best place in the industry to find out the latest gossip and rumors. Is Tom Dwan brokeDid Ray Bitar really get married? Is Eskimo still alive? Poker news sites sometimes address these topics, but those requiring speculation, memory, or someone “in the know” often end up on the forums.

tom dwan


Poker players often look elsewhere for others who are willing to buy pieces of their action in tournaments and even cash games. Online poker forums offer a place to post results and staking offers, seeking out those who want to buy action. Conversely, backers head to the forums to find players worthy of their investment. Places like 2+2 offer a special section just for this type of activity.

Tournament Information

Most tournament series have their own websites on which to advertise tournament schedules, whether for live or online events. However, players often turn to forums to post extra information, such as structure sheets, wire transfer details, and suggestions for accommodations.

At special times of the year, such as the WSOP marathon in Las Vegas each summer, players often compile lists of all of the tournaments around town and post them in forums for the convenience of others.

Whether looking for information about the temperature of a live poker room or the skill level of players in an online series, online poker forums are often the best place to find that information.

Accommodation Sharing

Poker players traveling to tournaments sometimes want to reduce their expenses by sharing hotel rooms. A great place to find like-minded players and others in similar situations is on the forums. It is also a way to find out if potential roommates are reliable, trustworthy, and otherwise decent people.

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