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The 2016 World Series of Poker is just around the corner and players around the world are beginning their final plans for the annual summer camp for poker players. Just about every major poker outlet has their own series about how to prepare to tackle the WSOP and we have decided to do our own series.

However, unlike other outlets we are going to put less focus on poker and more on lifestyle, preparing for the trip and surviving your trip to Sin City. In the first installment, we are going to look at things you need to consider when packing for the WSOP.

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Whether you are heading to Vegas for 2 days or for the entire six-week epic, you need to pack accordingly. Below are a few things that every person going to the WSOP should pack prior to going.

Defunk and Cloaking Device

Many of us are going to put in some extended hours inside of the Rio or in other casinos in Las Vegas. As such, hygiene sometimes becomes an issue. Whether by choice or by the fact that we haven’t left the poker room in two days; some of us don’t get a shower as often as needed.

This is when defunk and cloaking device is essential. What are defunk and cloaking device? Defunk is simply deodorant. Hit your armpits every so often with a fresh blast and maybe spray some inside your pants. Cloaking device is cologne. Use as needed and err to the side of too much rather than smelling like ass.

Keep a small can of deodorant in your backpack or man purse or keep a bottle of cologne in your pocket. Use at regular intervals to keep from offending with your BO. Yes, you may get some complaints about your cologne but most of us can get over smelling that opposed to funk. (Plus, you can dilute the cologne smell easier than funk smell.)

If it seems like I am picking on the guys, I am. To this point in my poker career, I cannot think of a single female player that has had bad BO. Heavy Menthol cigarette smell maybe, but never funk.

Plan Ahead to Avoid or Combat Illness

Everyone’s body will react differently to travel and some of you may contract an illness during your trip or directly after getting to Vegas. Unfortunately, I can speak from

personal experience on this tip. Each of the first three times I traveled across country to play poker, I developed some type of a cold.

The first time was the worst and I wound up in bed an entire day battling some type of summer bug. After that experience, I started taking both cold medicine and Vitamin C with me on my trips. Luckily, after my third trip, I stopped catching stuff but others may not be as fortunate.

Consider packing some of the following items for your trip to the WSOP:

* Cold Medicine

* Vitamin C Pills

* Hand Sanitizer

* Disinfecting Wipes

* Surgical Masks

I’d also recommend making not of any nearby clinics or hospitals in the rare event of an emergency or if you contract something that you just can’t seem to shake on your own.

Special Note: For those of you that take prescription medications, it may be wise to take more medication than you need for your trip. For example, if you are planning to go for three days, take a week’s worth.

The reason is to allow for unexpected circumstances, such as making the final table of an event or if a flight is cancelled. My second year attending the WSOP, I had a flight cancelled going to Vegas forcing an overnight stay in Ohio and then multiple delays coming back that got me back a day late. Make sure to plan for the unexpected.

Don’t Forget Warm Clothes

Average temperatures in Las Vegas will probably be between 100 and 120 degrees with it being 110 in the shade. As such, make sure you take a couple of sweaters, long sleeve shirts and maybe even warm underwear.

No, I am not insane. Have you played for an extended period inside of a casino poker room? The keep the temperature so cold in there that you will need those sweaters to keep from freezing, even when it is 120 outside.

Remember Your Creature Comforts

You want to make yourself as comfortable as possible when you make your trip to Vegas and this means taking along little creature comforts that makes life easier or that simply makes us happy.

These comforts can be different for each person, but here are a few basics that I can think of off the top of my head:

* Pictures of spouse/significant other/kids

* Batteries / Chargers for Mobile Devices

* Video Games / Video Game Systems

* Favorite Coffee / Drink that you have to have daily

* Favorite Pillow

* DVDs / Blu-Ray movies (Not everyone has NetFlix)

* Pets

If you are a pet owner and are going to be going to Vegas for an extended period, consider taking your pet with you rather than boarding them or leaving them with friends and family. The companionship can help you destress and actually improve your poker game.

Next time, we will talk a bit about traveling to the WSOP. Whether you drive or fly, getting there is an adventure in itself.

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