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The Hendon Mob website may sound ominous to those unfamiliar with tournament reporting and results, but poker players know the site well. It has become the standard bearer for the industry as the most comprehensive listing of live tournament players with the most extensive list of results, rankings, and searchable tournament information.

It all started in the early 1990s when Ross and Barny Boatman began to play poker frequently with friends Joe Beevers and Ram Vaswani. The four Londoners traveled together to play tournaments, often wearing dark jackets and sunglasses, and others began to refer to them as the Hendon Mob. The crew not only became a force at the tables but on television shows like Late Night Poker as well. In 2001, they created the initial website with pictures and stories of their poker adventures, but it grew into a database for listing the accomplishments of poker players.

Years later, the now-defunct Federated Sports & Gaming company developed the Global Poker Index, commonly referred to as the GPI. The owners tried to build on the Hendon Mob idea but expand it to include poker player biographies and more extensive information about players and tournaments as well as its predominant purpose of ranking live tournament players. When FS&G went bankrupt, the GPI sat dormant for several months before Alex Dreyfus and his Zokay Entertainment bought it in 2012 and broadened its appeal to the poker community. And the following year, Dreyfus purchased the Hendon Mob to use it alongside the GPI.

The Hendon Mob and GPI remain separate but linked in that the statistics used by the GPI to rank players come from the tournament information gathered by the Hendon Mob. Players have had other tournament databases in the past from which to garner event results, such as PokerPages, but Hendon Mob remained the most comprehensive through the years. While not perfect by any means, it is as close as anyone has gotten. And with sites like PokerPages now gone from the poker landscape, the Hendon Mob is the only site of its kind.

Players Value Results

Poker players tend to take pride in their tournament results. As with any competition, the goal is to accumulate results and become one of the best in the game. Players can see their own results on the Hendon Mob, as well as those of their competitors. They can see their total winnings, rankings against other players in various categories, and the type of competition they face.

While it may not always be realistic for low-limit grinders and the like to see their GPI rankings and where they stand on the list of top players in a given year, they are able to see their accomplishments on the Hendon Mob. It has a lot of value for players at all levels of the game.

Survey Results

Occasionally, visitors to the Hendon Mob website are asked to answer survey questions in order for Dreyfus’ company, Mediarex Sports & Entertainment, to gauge what people want and value. Those who answer questions in the surveys include poker players and fans, as well as others who visit the site like members of the media, family members and friends of players, and other poker-curious people.

In the most recent release of results from the surveys, a few questions centered on what people want to see on the Hendon Mob and how important the site is to them.

Do you have a score listed on the Hendon Mob? If not, is it something you want to achieve as a poker player?

  • 50.7% responded, “Yes, and proud of it.”
  • 18.9% responded, “No, and I don’t care.”
  • 16% responded, “No, and I want to achieve this.”
  • 9% responded, “I don’t know.”
  • 5.4% responded, “Yes, and I don’t care.”

More than half of the visitors who took the survey indicated that they highly value the Hendon Mob, with another 16 percent noting that they want to achieve results that appear on the site. That indicates how important the listings and rankings are to the community.

Further, questions about expanding the Hendon Mob’s scope of poker coverage in the poker world indicated support of the idea.

Would you like the Hendon Mob to become a hub for live tournament reporting?

  • 39.3% responded, “Yes, totally.”
  • 25.7% responded, “Yes.”
  • 20.2% responded, “No, I don’t think so.”
  • 14.8% responded, “I don’t know.”

Would you like the Hendon Mob/GPI to host and replay livestreams of live events?

  • 52% responded, “Yes, totally.”
  • 20.9% responded, “Yes.”
  • 14.7% responded, “No, I don’t think so.”
  • 12.4% responded, “I don’t know.”

As results show, the Hendon Mob is so trusted in the community that the public would like even more information available from that hub. While the results listings and rankings remain the most important service that the Hendon Mob provides, it will be interesting to see if the site takes on more responsibilities in the future.

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