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Kickstarter is a remarkable tool that has been used to help create some of the most creative projects in the world, including numerous poker themed projects. The documentary BET RAISE FOLD is perhaps the well-know kickstarter project related to poker.

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5 Best Poker Themed Kickstarter Projects

While some projects submitted are awesome, some are a bit unusual and sometimes barely qualify as “poker-related.” Today we are going to take a look at a couple of the craziest poker-themed kickstarter projects submitted to the site and a couple we’re surprised haven’t already been posted.

The Illustrated Guide to Transgender Strip Poker

This was an actual kickstarter project back in 2012 that failed to get funding. Unlike some of the other picks on this list, this book was meant to explore serious issues faced by transgender people in modern society.

Below is the first paragraph from the potential author’s pitch:

“The Illustrated Guide to Transgender Strip Poker” is a piece of social art in the form of a “coffee table” book that isn’t really just a book of pictures of transgender people playing strip poker, but is a book that explores issues of transgender people in modern society in a humorous and accessible way through the metaphor of an illustrated game of strip poker.”

Continuing to look through the project, it became clear that the presenter didn’t consider the audiences as it was presented in a way that many layman readers might have trouble understanding.

It would have been great to have seen this issue explored, but the presentation likely drove away potential investors. As such, it only raised $8.

Disease Decks

You know, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been playing poker and wondered, “What are the weaknesses does the common hookworm?” If you have ever pondered such ponderings, then Disease Decks is for you.

An actual kickstarter project from 2013, this deck of cards portrayed various common diseases with illustrations and informative data on said diseases. The primary example, the Helicobacter Pylori (H.Pylori), looks like something out of a sci-fi program.

This unique form of playing cards can make playing poker fun and informative.

The Poker, I Don’t Even Know Her Brothel in Pahrump

What happens when you combine two of the things that Nevada is famous for? You get the “Poker, I Don’t Even Know Her” brothel. Located in Pahrump, the “Poker Brothel” brings together tow of our country’s favorite pastimes.

All of the “menu” items come with poker themes. Poker terms such as the “two pair, “nut flush” and “All-In” are redefined here. And the best part is that you don’t necessarily have to have a full buy-in to “play.”

Twice a week, the Poker Brothel will hold tournaments that pay out entries into the “Main Event.” A $40 buy-in with no rake event pays at least one golden ticket to the winner.

While it is true that the house always wins at the Poker Brothel, at least you get to leave with a story, and a smile.


Wild Edible Poker Card Could Save Your Life

We’ve all heard stories about players who’ve claimed that poker saved their lives. Well, now there is a deck of playing cards that could actually do that. Sergei Boutenko wrote the book Wild Edibles, a book on foraging wild plants. Via a 2013 kickstarter project, he created Wild Edible Poker Cards.

This is more than your standard deck of poker cards. With them, you can actually learn about wild plants that you can use for food. This is great knowledge to have when you are out camping or if you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere without provisions.

On one side you have the pictures and names of the various plants along with your standard card rankings. On the reverse you have information on these plants, including flavor, uses and nutritional highlights.

Granted, these may not be ideal for serious players as astute players will be able to identify card values once they learn the identifying characteristics of various plants.

Then again, the point of this deck of cards is to teach you more about foraging plants, so maybe that’s part of his genius.

Bacon Flavored Poker Chips / Cards

What is better than playing poker and having a few drinks with your buddies on the weekend? How about playing poker with edible bacon flavored poker chips and cards.

That’s right. Bacon!  You know you already want to submit your pledge for this project.

Just think about it guys. You don’t need to bring snacks or food because you can eat your winnings.

You pocket aces get cracked? Eat them!  Show them aces you won’t let them drain your bankroll dry.

There’s a kickstarter project online for “porker chips” but I was disappointed to discover that you could only play with them.

What good is bacon if you can’t eat it!!

No, we don’t care that we are probably going to eat all our winnings and send ourselves to an early grave.

We are men. We like to play poker. We like to eat bacon.

Edible bacon flavored poker chips and cards FTW!!!


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