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A few years ago, PokerStars ran a contest designed to find the best online poker setups of its most devoted grinders. Entitled the “Sickest Setup Contest,” the prizes offered were 50,000 Frequent Player Points (FPPs) to the 10 best entries as voted on by PokerStars Team Online Pros and other players.

More than 700 players entered by posting photos on Instagram, showing remarkable creativity with their submissions. Multiple monitors, fancy lighting and custom chairs was the norm, leaving many a grinder wannabe who perused the photos drooling over the endless possibilities on how to perhaps create a similar setup.

Fast forward three years later and the advancement of technology has made the sickest online poker setups even sicker. The Full Tilt Poker blog recently posted an article called “The 5 Coolest Grind Stations” that showed where some of the game’s top multi-tablers spend their days (and nights).

2016 Setups

An original winner of PokerStars Sickest Setup Contest in 2013, Russell ‘rdcrsn’ Carson, is featured on the blog. The abiltity to electronically raise, lower and tilt his computer monitors according to his whims makes Carson’s basement setup quite novel.


PokerStars Supernova Elite Kevin ‘WizardofAhhs’ Thurman also made the cut. Check out the accompanying YouTube video of Thurman in action, as he grinds 24 cash games simultaneously.


For grinders who favor extreme comfort while multi-tabling, take a look at the recliner of this player who chose to remain anonymous. Although it may not be appropriate to call any multiple monitor setup “simple,” this one seems so compared to the others.

PokerStars Team Online Pro Andre Coimbra takes his work very seriously, as is evident by his grind station. No amount of information on his opponents is too much for the former Magic: The Gathering champion.

And the Winner is…

Taking the #1 spot on Full Tilt’s 5 Coolest Grind Stations is the Emperor 1510 Workstation. You can recline, electronically adjust the monitors, and enjoy just about all the features of the previously mentioned setups. One drawback appears to be the price tag, as FTP lists the retail price at almost $45,000.

We don’t know if any poker players have invested in the Emperor model for their grinding needs. It’s quite possible, considering how serious professional online poker players are when it comes to maximizing their profit potential.

For me, I’ll take the setup and grind station of the unnamed player over the others as the #1 choice. That reclining leather chair looks too comfy to pass up. I’m sure the chairs of the other setups are comfortable as well, but something about that particular work station looks the most appealing and inviting. What do you think?

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