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Kickstarter has allowed creative talent around the world to fund their passions by bringing together like minded investors to fund these dreams. Like every other industry, the poker world is full of dreamers looking to bring their vision to life.

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 What Were They Thinking? Craziest Poker Kickstarters

Today, we will look at some of the best kickstarter projects. Some you have heard of and a couple flew completely under the radar.

Pouker – Gimmick Wallet Also A Security Device

The Pouker wallet on the surface looks like a gimmick wallet for poker players. The main feature is that you can fan out your credit and other cards just like a poker hand. While that is cute, it is hardly a strong selling point.

What is a strong selling point for this wallet is that it has optional RFID protection that can help someone from covertly scanning your credit and debit cards. Now that is a nice little feature to have when traveling abroad.

The wallet comes in leather or canvas and can a few cards, some cash and coins.

The Most Awesome Poker Set in the World

When you peg your kickstarter project “The Most Awesome Poker Set in the World,” you had better deliver, and this set does. This set combines poker with a military theme and is housed in a .30 cal ammo can.

The cards are custom screen printed with a design that combines the Bicycle classic card design, the Greek Sphinx and the U.S. seal. Chips are standard 11.5 gram chips and the set comes with progressive rank blind markers along with a custom dealer button.

The set top loads into the ammo can which is a great display piece itself. This is an awesome set for any poker fan, especially one with a connection with the military.

BET RAISE FOLD – The Story of Online Poker

This is possibly the most popular kickstarter project related to poker. Jay Rosenkrantz, Ryan Firpo and Taylor Caby put together this documentary to examine the rise and fall of the online poker industry.


This project ultimately raised just shy of $50k with 1,141 backers. Production on the film took close to 2 ½ years and resulted in a comprehensive view of the online poker, its players and the aftermath of Black Friday.

Check out to learn more about the film or to get your copy.

The Family Arcana: A Story-in-Cards by Jedediah Berry

I was going to shy away from decks of cards in this article, but this one caught my attention. This deck of cards is actually a work of fiction that is told with the cards and the story can be read in whichever order the cards fall. That means you get a different story every time you shuffle the deck.

Here is the description from the kickstarter project:

“The Family Arcana is the work of author Jedediah Berry. It is the portrait of a sprawling family bound to their decaying farmhouse by a web of passions and strange obsessions. Sleepwalking Mother, heartbroken Father, bitter old Grandfather, loopy Grandmother, a jittery flock of suspicious aunts, uncles, and cousins: all their stories are told by the children of the house, who are impossibly numerous, darkly vindictive, and ever watchful.

Each shuffle of the deck reveals a new pattern of secrets, confessions, anxieties, indictments, and dreams. The family grows, shrinks, and changes, trapped forever in its haunted house of cards.”

This was a popular project and even became a kickstarter Staff Pick. The unique artwork complements the cards and makes this a unique experience for poker players. Even if you aren’t a poker player, this deck is still worth checking out for the unique literary experience.

Poker Tilt

dutch boyd poker tiltIn March 2013, Dutch Boyd started a kickstarter project for his book Poker Tilt because he was broke and needed money. He was able to successfully raise almost $8,900 for the project that he finished in early 2014.

The book has received mixed reviews from the poker media but reviewers on have largely supported his work. Boyd said that his book is part autobiography and part poker strategy, a format that has worked for poker books in the past.

The release of his book couldn’t have come at a better time as he won his third career WSOP bracelet in 2014 after taking down a $1k NL Event. He has also been very active in the online poker scene in Nevada since the game was regulated back in 2013.

Whether you’re a fan of him at the tables, the consensus seems to be that this is worth checking out to learn more about the life of one of poker’s most unusual players.

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