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PokerStars highlights some of the best poker players in the world in its Team PokerStars Pro lineup. For poker fans and players, the members of the team often signify the best that the game has to offer, whether as poker ambassadors, online and/or live performers, and spokespeople for PokerStars.

Most of the details of deals between PokerStars and their sponsored pro players are confidential, and most players never reveal the benefits and perks of the job. However, there are some facts about Team PokerStars Pro benefits that are evident from interviews and many years of pros discussing their highly regarded sponsorships.


Daniel Negreanu pokerstarsAs anyone can imagine, the label of Team PokerStars Pro comes with a great deal of advantages. The most obvious of these is the use of the player’s name and image in PokerStars advertising, which increases the popularity and exposure for that person on a global level.

Team PokerStars Pro benefits also put those players in PokerStars online games. Those pro players are featured on the PokerStars site with a mini-biography of their poker lives, and their screen names are marked so that anyone playing against them at the tables knows that they are playing with a sponsored pro. That doesn’t mean that their buy-ins are covered in those events, however. Every player has a deal that varies, but most players must supply their own online poker bankroll, whether playing at cash game tables or in tournaments.

Some Team Pro players are also encouraged to go to live tournaments, such as European Poker Tour events and the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Depending upon the sponsorship deal, players may receive free accommodations or travel, but most players take care of their expenses from their own pockets. Players also may receive buy-ins to those tournaments but are allowed to keep their winnings.

While some players compete online and earn rakeback and possibly an hourly rate as compensation for their interactions with other players and fans, some also receive a salary or stipend each month.


Though Team PokerStars Pro benefits are numerous, those players have a job to do. They must promote PokerStars through actions and deeds. This ranges from wearing PokerStars patches and gear at live poker events and other public relations occurrences, to actively promoting PokerStars through written articles, blog posts, and even instructive sessions. They are often required to do interviews with poker media and beyond, and they must be open to answering questions about PokerStars from fans.

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Being a Team Pro also comes with its difficulties. No matter the level of tilt at an online or live table, these company representatives must refrain from behavior that may be viewed as negative or reflect badly on PokerStars. They also have to a reasonable amount of time interacting with poker fans, whether in the chat box when playing online or on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Without a doubt, there are many Team PokerStars Pro benefits that are unique and unmatched in the poker business. In addition to making money through solid poker play and being able to keep those winnings, there are other perks that make the job more than worthwhile.

ronaldo and akkari

Team Pros are encouraged to attend as many live tournaments as possible, and whether their travel is paid or not, they are privileged to see some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Each year, most of the pros spend nearly two weeks in the Bahamas at a premier resort for the PCA, and they attend the EPT Grand Finale in Monte Carlo, one of the most scenic places in Europe. Other stops on the various PokerStars tours include Melbourne, Dublin, Malta, Prague, Barcelona, Panama City, Seoul, and Macau. Additionally, most of them make the trek to the Isle of Man to meet with the company executives and tour the headquarters upon the signing of their deals.

In addition, Team PokerStars Pro benefits include invitations to numerous luscious dinners, accommodations at five-star hotels, unique activities (like swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas), and VIP status at parties and awards events.

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