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Poker players in Australia are quickly finding out that the Australian Poker League is one of the biggest and best organizers of poker tournaments in Australasia.

The APL originally began in 2005 and has grown since then to accommodate nearly 750,000 members. It is now the world’s largest free-play poker league, and it offers services to players in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia.

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Purpose of APL

The APL, which is owned by Full House Group, hosts poker events at clubs, pubs, hotels, and bars around Australia. Those establishments pay the Australian Poker League to host the events, and the players compete for free without putting any money on the table. Already, there are 2,200 venues that participate in the free league, and more are added all the time.

As noted on its website, the philosophy of the Australian Poker League is to “make poker accessible to as many people as possible.” They want poker to be and remain “everybody’s game.” The APL brings ethics and integrity to its entertainment, and customers are then able to enjoy their leisure time to the fullest.

The Australian Poker League website is powered by Unibet, and the two companies partner to send players to live Unibet events and offer some of the top online and live poker play available.


Poker players across Australia can join an Australian Poker League event nearby or request that a new venue be contacted to host the free-play games. The APL will do the work to try to make it happen.

Even though the games are free for APL members, there are cash and prizes on the table, covered by the APL and the venue. Since the inception of the Australian Poker League, players have taken home more than AUD$25 million in cash and prizes.

APL Main EventPlayers can also get involved in the Pro Series, hosted by the Australian Poker League. In areas where legislation permits, players can compete for cash in the prize pool, which is built by players paying a registration fee. Several big tournaments have been held thus far, including two AUD$1 million prize pool events.

The Australian Poker League website is the best place to find all of the big events in Australia, including the Main Event that has an AUD$1 million guarantee and AUD$100K guaranteed to the winner.

Something for Everyone

Every type of poker player is welcome in the Australian Poker League. Professional players can hone their skills, while amateur players can get more comfortable with the games and even ask the local tournament director for help.

The Australian Poker League environment is friendly. The only thing required of players is a passion for the game of poker.

The camaraderie of playing poker with friends – or even making friends at the APL games – is often the greatest value of the Australian Poker League. Players return again and again for friendship, action, and participating in the unique and exciting APL.

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