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The November Nine kicks off on Sunday and this year’s event will be split over three days. Those of us that play poker or watch live poker know that there’s a lot of “down time” between the big action hands.

Knowing this, we come up with a few ways to help break up the monotony. Since most of you will likely enjoy your favorite adult beverage while watching the November Nine, we present to you five November Nine drinking games you can play while watching the final table. Play one or play them all – it’s your choice.

And as always – choose a designated driver (or stay home).

The Bandwagon Game

Who’s your favorite player? Show your support with the Bandwagon Game. Pick your favorite player and get your favorite adult beverage ready. Every year there’s usually multiple “rowdy rails” for our November Niners. Odds are that tradition will continue and you can show your support though alcohol.

Take shots according to the following chart:

  • Player wins a hand – 1 shot
  • Winning hand followed by chant from rail – 1 shot
  • Player moves one rung up the money ladder – 1 shot
  • Player wins a big pot – 2 shots
  • Player knocks out an opponent – 2 shots
  • Player doubles up – 3 shots
  • Player survives to November 9 – 3 shots
  • Player survives to November 10 – 4 shots
  • Player wins Main Event – It’s hammered time!

The Whamboozled Game!

This game is easy. Every time that Norman Chad utters the word “Whamboozled,” take a shot. But, we’re going to take this a step further. If the player avoids being Whamboozled, take two shots. Also, if Lon or Antonio says Whamboozled, take two shots

The Let’s Pick on the Old Folks Game

With two players over the age of 60 at the final table and Lon McEachern over 50, the setting is right for an abundance of “senior citizen jokes.”

Every time that someone makes a senior citizens joke, take a shot of whatever alcoholic beverage you prefer. Two shots if the joke comes from either Pierre Neuville or Neil Blumenfield.

If one of the commentators or players is brave enough to make a “sugar daddy” crack at the final table, that’s good for three shots.

The Online Poker Site Commercial Game

You know and 888 Poker are going to have commercials during the November Nine, so why not have fun with it.

Every time there’s a commercial for or 888 Poker, take a shot of your favorite adult beverage.

Depending on your location, you may even see some commercials for unregulated online poker rooms. In this case, two shots per commercial.

With PokerStars now approved for a license in New Jersey, will they splurge with a commercial during the November Nine? If so, five shots for every time it airs.

The “Oh Look Who’s Here” Game

Poker pros love to come out to watch the Main Event final table and ESPN loves to show them off to the world.

Whenever a “poker pro” is pointed out by the commentating crew, take a shot. Pros that are part of the broadcast team are exempt unless they are in the audience watching the final table.

In the event celebrities from the world of sports, film or TV show up, take two shots.

Also, two shots each for when they recognize Jennifer Harman and John Juanda for their induction into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Finally, if Doyle Brunson shows up – 5 shots.

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